Five Ways To Stop Leaky Bladder

Many persons suffer from leaky bladder but there are ways to stop this problem. Apart from sickness, most times a leaky bladder can be caused from what we drink or eat. Therefore steps must be taken to curve this urinary incontinence (UI).

There are five ways in which you can manage a leaky bladder:

1. Avoid constipation by consuming fruits that are rich in fiber. Also consume vegetables, whole grain, doing regular exercise and drink lots of water. Believe it or not, drinking more water is important because less water or no water at all will concentrate the urine, irritate the urethra and bladder and will lead to more leakage.

2. Watching what you eat is also of paramount importance because there are foods that can adversely affect a person to hold his or her urine. Foods such as spicy foods, tomatoes, sugars, chocolate, honey, milk, citrus fruits and their juices can bring on a leaky bladder.

It is best to avoid these food if you plan to travel so as to avoid frequent urination. Also beverages such as alcoholic, carbonated, caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee should be avoided.

3. The smoking of tobacco can significantly affect the bladder as well as the urethra which takes the urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. This habit can produce leaky bladder especially in those persons who suffer from smoker's cough.

4. Losing some of those excess weight can stop leaky bladder. Therefore maintaining healthy weight can help bladder control conditions. A research was done and proven that obese women who lost weight were able to control their urinary incontinence (UI) after three months of weight loss program.

5. Medications such as high blood pressure tablets, cold and flu remedies as well as other medications can cause leaky bladder. However, do not stop taking your medications before consulting your doctor.

No matter what age you are, stopping a leaky bladder is possible with the above five ways.

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