Flu natural remedies will guard against and cure flu ailments

Flu natural remedies

Many persons sometimes mistakenly think the flu is just a simple cold that will pass off very easily.  This is not good thinking when it comes to this ailment because flu can be very fatal.  Every year thousands of people are hospitalized as well as thousands have died from influenza and other related complications.

The symptoms of flu Most times begins just like a simple cold, then suddenly other flu symptoms knocks you off your feet, then you realize it is really the flu.  Your head begins to hurt, aches and pains rock the body and not to be left out is the infamous fever as well as tiredness and inability to move your limbs.  The worst thing is that no one wants to be close to you because the virus spreads very quickly and can affect the household.

The answer to this, a yearly flu shot.  Although it can keep you well it is not fully guaranteed.  Those who are 65 years and older have the highest risk and they are prone to acquire pneumonia as well as other bacterial infections.  Accompanied with these complications, other conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions and asthma can become worse.

Overcome the flu with flu natural remedies

Although it is advisable to get your annual flu vaccine which builds up the immune system and combats the viruses to prevent the flu there are other methods that can be used naturally and it is less costly.  I refer to it as flu natural remedies.

Many persons are now opting for natural remedies due to less risk of side effect.  Some of these natural remedies include herbs for flu or flu herbal remedies. One such herbal remedy is elderberry medicinal herb.  The flowers as well as the berries are good herbal medicine for flu.  This herb has been used for hundreds of years as a flu natural remedy. 

There was a research done on sixty Norwegians and it was discovered that the flu symptoms disappeared in approximately four days earlier than those who did not consume Sambucol which is a product of elderberry syrup.  Due to the toxic nature of the stems and leaves it is wise to purchase elderberry extracts, syrup, tablets and capsule in an herbal store and place in your cupboard with your other natural and herbal remedy for the flu.

Garlic is my favorite for treating the flu. Having medicinal properties such as antibacterial and anti-fungal, it is a very good natural remedy for the flu and related ailments.  I take it very often for prevention as well as for a cure.

Echinacea herb is also very effective for flu.  It will build the immune system as well as aid in preventing an attack of the flu due to its anti-viral and antibiotic properties.  It is one of those flu natural remedies that should be always in the home.

The Chinese medicine, astragalus is another natural remedy.  It is a staple which can build the immune system.  It encourages the ability to fight against viruses and it possesses potent anti-oxidant selenium.  It can be taken as a preventative medicine as well.  It can be purchased in various forms including as a tincture.

Other herbs that are good for the flu are John Charles, ackee leaves, trumpet leaves, bayberry, catnip, golden seal and Jack in the bush.  Information for these herbs can be found on this very site.

Other natural remedies that local Jamaicans used to fight against the flu are rum and lime combined, lime and honey combined, crushed garlic and honey combined.  These are good flu natural remedies that are very effective.

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