Fo-Ti Tieng medicinal herb can aid memory and reasoning ability

Fo-Ti Tieng (Ho Shou Wu) (Polygonum multiflorum) is a traditional Chinese herb that is utilized to maintain longevity as well as slows down the process of aging.  It is deemed as one of China's five best herbal tonics to supply and maintain youthfulness, robust health as well as vitality and vim and so referred to as an adaptogenic herb.

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The maintenance of longevity is very important because heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer as well as strokes are associated with it. 

Other ailments will take over the body and make a person's life miserable and unbearable. Therefore, Fo-Ti is a good choice when it comes to longevity and well-being. There are those who have testified of its many benefits and healing properties.

This medicinal herb is referred by various common names such as Fo-Ti, Fo Ti Tient, He Shou Wu, Chinese Cornbind as well as Flowery knotweed amongst others.  The primary part used as herbal medicine is the root.   Two of its constituents are rhein as well as emodin.

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Li Chung Yun used Fo-Ti

Li Chung Yun, who is a longevity folk legend and professor of China, was believed to have used this Chinese herb and lived to an extraordinary years of 256. 

He was also seen as an herbalist who on a daily basis consume a combination of ingredients which contained the "elixir of life." His period of life was from 1677 to 1933 and allegedly had twenty three wives and two hundred descendants.

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Health benefits of Fo-Ti Tieng herb

One of its medicinal properties is astringent which can help to treat nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea as well as leukorrhea.

Its health benefits extended to the treatment of cancer, prostate conditions, alleviate constipation, tuberculosis, sleeplessness, dizziness, hair loss, tinnitus, hypertension (high blood pressure), lumbago, hardening of the arteries as well as high cholesterol. 

It is very good to strengthen and secure the bones, tendons as well as muscles and that is one of the reasons it is useful for longevity.

Fo-Ti may also be used as an herbal tonic for liver and kidney and to replenish the blood.   It is a good herbal remedy for skin conditions, inclusive of itching and sores. 

This medicinal herb is an ingredient in certain products such as hair and skin products and these Fo-Ti Tieng products are sold commercially.

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