Foods To Avoid While Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding WPA Poster

Breast Feeding WPA Poster

Several females have decided to eat anything they so desire without thinking of the babies during breast feeding. It would be a wise idea to consider what you consume so as not to offend the babies. It is a strong belief among many that certain types of food, especially potent favoured foods, may change the taste of breast milk, even though some babies seem to relish in the various flavors of the breast milk.

However, there are times when a baby may be grouchy and become disagreeable towards the breast milk after you eat certain foods. Have you ever noticed this happening? Then investigate to see what food you did consume before breast feeding and avoid that specific food.

Foods to avoid while breast feeding are spices, garlic, lime and other citrus fruits, chocolate, chilly, vegetables that will bring on gas, laxative food inclusive of cherries and prunes.

If you are a lover of coffee then it would be wise to cut down to at least one cup per day because excessive intake of caffeine may affect the baby's sleep and cause the baby to become agitated. Also, other drinks to be mindful of are sodas and tea as well as any medicine that contains caffeine.

Alcohol, I think should be avoided, although some give it the green light to have one drink per day. I would never advise any woman who is breast feeding to do so because the desire to drink more is always a big temptation. Over drinking can elevate one's blood alcohol level risking the inflow of alcohol in the breast milk.

Always to remember to check with your doctor to ensure what foods to avoid while breast feeding. You can also visit a nutritionist who will be able to tell you the best foods to eat while breast feeding.

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