Frankincense medicinal herb may be infused with vapors to treat laryngitis


Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) medicinal herb originates from a tree known as Boswellia Thurifera that is native to Africa and Arabia. To get it, they split the trunk of these trees and enable the gum resin to harden before it is truly harvested.  It is from the family of Burseraceae.  It is a good companion for myrrh and it was used traditionally for various rituals.

It has been used since the beginning of time for medicinal and religious purposes. Early Egyptians used it as part of their embalming process, the Greeks used it for an antidote to hemlock poisoning, and also the Chinese used it for trading as well as for bodily and mentally conditions.  It became commercially viable in the 4th Century by the Arabians.

Currently it is used mostly in aromatherapy but many people have also recognized it as herbal remedy with medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti cancer, antiseptic, expectorant, tonic, sedative and diuretic.

The common names are Boswellia Sacra, Dhoop, Incense, Mastic tree, Aromatic madder, Gum olibanum and Boswellia Thurifera.

Health benefits of frankincense

Some medical discovery has been made showing a relationship between the probability of it treating osteoarthritis and might have some anti cancer fighting agents.  It has also been shown that it can assist in alleviating anxiety, disappointment, hysteria, emotional fatigue, nervousness, congestion, insomnia, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, depression as well as indigestion. It can also fight against tumors.

This is often also used to improve menstrual flow, to treat syphilis, for unsightly scars and stretch marks, and breast cysts. Furthermore it may be utilized to treat acne, boils, and skin infections as well. Frankincense is definitely a herb that is not edible and is not noted for use in any recipe. However, it is extremely helpful for the practice of aromatherapy.


It has been popular since times of yore and is also even mentioned in the Bible. The Jews offered up frankincense in ceremonies. Evidently different regions use it for several reasons. The Chinese use it to treat leprosy, Egyptians used it as a hair remover, and perfume.  However, the primary use is for respiratory distress and of course previously it was taken internally for that ailment.

Janice Boling reported that it is a great anti-inflammatory herb for everything from boils to arthritis, great for aging skin when used in oil form with a good carrier like almond oil. She said she uses the essential oil often and that it mixes great with lavender oil.

It can treat blood clots, headache, vomiting, wounds, swelling, internal injury, fever, colitis, colic, chills, cold, dysentery, muscle spasm, abdominal complaints, swellings and abscesses.

It is used in the demo of Wicca

It is commonly utilized in the demo of Wicca which is a religion that practices witchcraft. They use this herb for perfume and believe that it corresponds well with certain days like Sundays and Wednesdays. Solar issues are related to what Wicca calls a solar spell and this is connected with the use of this incense, other oils and herbs which are used for spells and formulas.

These spells are used for purposes such as physical energy, protection, success, and ceasing specific legal issues. Once you refer to this herb as an essential oil it is considered more expensive and it is usually diluted with other oils such as jojoba oil. These combinations may also be used by the Wicca when casting spells. Some individuals will substitute it for Rosemary.

In Jamaica, some individuals believe that it has the power to drive away evil spirits or ghosts. If they believe that their houses are haunted, then they will wash the walls with it to cleanse the houses and drive away the spirits.  If a person dies in the house, then it is used to cleanse and naturally purify the house.

It was one of the gifts that was brought to Baby Jesus

We must all be reminded that one of the beautiful gifts that were brought to baby Jesus on the evening of his birth by the wise men was frankincense.

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