Garlic water can fight against high cholesterol

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Garlic water made from garlic medicinal herb is one of my favourite home remedies. It is a good overall home remedy right at your fingertips. I use it to keep my blood pressure (hypertension) normal. If at anytime I suspect that my blood pressure is high, then my main herbal remedy is definitely this herbal water made with garlic herb and it works for me. It is one of the best high blood pressure remedy. It is also very easy to prepare and will aid in maintaining a good health.

Health benefits

I make sure to put in the refrigerator and have a drink each day. It is also good to fight infection and to build the immune system. So a person who is coming down with a cold can also feel much better after drinking this water.

Garlic medicinal herb possesses antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity. Garlic is also said to help prevent heart disease, including atherosclerosis, and many other ailments. It will help to rid the body of drugs. Therefore, it is good to drink the water to get all these natural benefits of garlic herb.

A few years ago, a friend of mine constantly drank this herbal water and when i inquired about it, she told me that she had cancer and was recommended to drink this water.

How to prepare garlic water

I prepare the water in two different ways depending on the mood I am in. I sometimes crush a clove of the garlic medicinal herb, put it in a drinking glass and pour water on it. Let it rest for about ten minutes and then drink periodically. Just a reminder, I always store the leftover in the refrigerator for further use. You can also crush enough garlic and let it stand for several days in the refrigerator and drink a glass each day.

Another way I do it, if I need some immediately, is to pour hot water on the crushed garlic in a cup, let it steep for few minutes and then sip it while it is warm. For this preparation you will surely have to call it garlic tea.

There are many people who are suffering from high blood pressure and this water is an excellent method for sufferers. However, it is always good to check your blood pressure regularly, so as to avoid drinking the water when the blood pressure is low (hypotension) because it is bad for low blood pressure.

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