Ginseng medicinal herb is good for sexual dysfunction in men

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Ginseng (panex quinquefolia) medicinal herb has been used for more than two thousand years in China to treat all kinds of diseases. It is termed the "all healing" herb because the word "panax" in the botanical name means "all healing." Part used is the root.  It is the most ancient and famous Chinese herb.

Different kinds of this herb have been utilized for more than seven thousand years.  Some possess various benefits, however, the medicinal properties are alike and they all can re-energized the mind, spirit and body.

It is grown typically in cooler climates, so it is native to northern China, Japan, Russia and Korea.  Among the many herbal supplements currently on the market, it is the most widely used. In times gone by it was called "man root" due to the fact that the root resemble the shape of a man, so it was referred to as Jin-chen, which means 'like a man.'

The common names are Five-fingers root, Redberry, Ninsin, Garantogen and Sang. It is a preventative medicinal herb against all illnesses and can also be a curative remedy in almost all severe diseases.  The roots can live up to more than one hundred years.

It has long been recognized as possessing great medicinal values and can protect the body from the stress of drug and radiation. This is the herb to use if you are feeling tired all the time.

It contains complex carbohydrates, and ginseng is an anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, and has anti cancer elements. Many energy drinks possess this medicinal herb due to its ability to create energy.


Health benefits of ginseng herb

Although this was originally started by the Chinese, the Americans currently use it for treating stress and mental stability. Out of this there is now a product on the market by the name pharmaton which are sold in the form of capsules. The main ingredient of pharmaton is panex ginseng extract and this is used to treat fatigue.

It is widely use in traditional Chinese medicine as a muscle relaxant, reducing mental stress and anxiety, and increasing mental clarity and alertness.

Known as the "King herb" it is known to lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetes and is effective in many other ailments. The main active ingredient in this plant is ginsenosides which is used to treat the high blood sugar in diabetes and increase the amount of insulin in the blood.

When taken hot, it will produce perspiration. It is good for stomach trouble, constipation, lung troubles, inflammation of the urinary tract, colds, chest troubles and coughs, promotes appetite, and aids in digestion.

It can be termed one the magical herbs because there are those who believe that it possesses healing as well as magical powers. Therefore, it is used magically as an amulet for good fortune, prosperity, longevity and fertility, in addition it will help to reduce heavy bleeding, boost the immune system, treat pulmonary conditions, and may be seen as an anti aging herb.

If taking Vitamin C, it can interfere with the absorption of this herb. Therefore, wait 2 hours after or 2 hours before taking it.

Do not use if you suffer with high blood pressure, heart disease, bleeding or clotting disorders as well. Make sure to speak with your doctor first.


Ginseng berries

The rest of the plant like the berries and the leaves are also proven to be effective to treat diabetes. Researchers at the University of Chicago tested the berry extract on overweight mice who suffered with type 2 diabetes to see how the blood sugar and weight were affected.

Mice which received the extract each day showed improved blood sugar levels. They also saw better scores on a glucose-tolerance test, which portrays the swiftness of the removal of excess blood sugar from their blood. They lost weight because they ate less and they were more active.

When the berry injections stopped, the mice regained the weight. This research as well as others showed that the berry extract is also good to treat diabetes.

The ginseng leaf also contains more ginsenosides of different types than the root, or the berry.

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