Gravel root medicinal herb can promote sexual performance

Gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum) medicinal herb also known as Joe-pye weed and gravelroot is a herbaceous perennial plant that is native to northern and southern Europe, North America, northern Asia as well as Canada where it thrives in swampy grounds.

It is a traditional herbal medicine and butterflies and bees just love to feed on the nectar from this plant. There is hardly a time when they are missing from this plant because they are so attracted to the nectar and therefore due care must be given when trying to retrieve it, not because of the butterflies, but because of the bees.

The flowers and the flowering top as well as the root are the main parts used as herbal medicine and it is from the Compositae family. The root, however, should be collected in autumn. During the summer months, it blossoms and the taste is aromatic, astringent and also bitter and it boasts some beautiful purple flowers. 

The common names are Trumpet-weed, Gravel weed, Joe-pye weed, Sweet Joe-pye weed, Jopi weed, Queen-of-the-Meadow root, Purple boneset, Kidney root as well as Hempweed.  The medicinal properties are tonic diuretic, nervine, stimulant, bitter, aromatic and astringent.  The constituents found in it are lactone, resins, flavonoids and tannins.

A bit of history

It was named by Mithridates Eupator, a King of Pontus. He was the very first one who used it as an herbal remedy. It was also named Joe-pye or Jopi in regards to an American Indian who used it to treat and cure typhus.

It was used historically by Native Americans as an herbal preparation for kidney ailments.

Health benefits of gravel root herb

It is a good herbal remedy for dropsy, rheumatism, gout and is especially excellent for chronic renal and cystitis conditions. It is a good alternative remedy to prevent and treat stones or gravels in the urinary system as well as the gallbladder which is called gallstones, hence the name gravelroot.

An infusion of the dried root will improve blood circulation. It is also a natural remedy for prostate conditions. A condition that is common among men of all walks of life.


To make the tea steep one tablespoonful of the flowers in boiling water for ten minutes and consume just a quarter of a cup three times per day. It is also available in capsule forms in various stores worldwide.


Gravel root should not be consumed during pregnancy.

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