Greater knapweed medicinal herb when combined with pepper can treat anorexia


Greater Knapweed (Centaurea scabiosa) is a traditional medicinal herb which is native to Europe. However, it can be found in certain parts of North America.  It is a plant from the Asteraceae family and it bears beautiful purple flower heads.  It loves to thrive on lime-rich soil and this type of soil is comprised of calcium carbonate and is very alkaline.  

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Although not widely known by many persons, bullweed which is similar to cornflower, has been around for a very long time. This perennial plant is a great attraction to butterflies and bees as well as food-plant to caterpillars. 

It grows profusely in pastures, roadsides and cliffs and may need to be managed very carefully as they spread, especially if it is placed in a garden. 

Some of its common names are Hard irons, Bullweed, Hardhead, Horse knops, Matt fellon, Matte felon as well as Ironhead.

It is also an ornamental plant and it is a close relative to lesser knapweed, common knapweed and black knapweed.  The medicinal properties are tonic, demollient, diuretic,  diaphoreticand vulnerary.  Also, the main parts used for herbal medicine are the leaves, seeds and roots.

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Health benefits of greater knapweed

Apart from being beautiful and ornamental, it is the herbal remedy that pulls me to this medicinal herb.  The root of Centaurea scabiosa can be used to halt bleeding in places such as the nose and the mouth. 

It also aids in the healing process of broken veins, kidney ailments and the treating of wounds. It is useful in the treatment of sore throat, swelling of the jaw and acute viral rhinitis.

Some persons use the leaves to remedy scabies which is highly contagious as well as other infections of the skin.  

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Scabies is a skin ailment that causes very small red pimples that are very hard to get rid of, and it is contagious.  Scabies appears just like a rash and in reality are little viruses that are active in the skin. 

Some persons use creams and various ointments to get rid of it.  However, a rubbing made from this plant can go a long way in killing these critters.  Repeating this method in few days is recommended to kill these viruses.

Also, as a precaution, it is suggested that you wash all your clothes in very hot water and dry them in a dryer. If possible, sanitize the bedding that you sleep on, and to get a better result, sanitize it on both sides.

Take greater knapweed in decoction or rubbings on skin to heal ailments.

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