Ground ivy medicinal herb is used to remedy inflammation of the eye

Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea) medicinal herb is a perennial flowering plant that is native to Asia and Europe and it is from the mint family, Lamiaceae.  It can be found in abundance in Great Britain. The entire plant and leaves are used as herbal medicine. 

Many of these plants are not only used currently, but traditionally it has been used as medicine for thousands of years for various ailments.  These native people really knew and studied the types of plants to use for sickness and diseases of those days and they were able to live a very healthy life.  As an avid lover of medicinal herbs, I am really fascinated by how these people were able to utilize these God given gifts.

The medicinal properties are astringent, diuretic, digestive, expectorant, aromatic, tonic as well as stimulant.  It is very common in wasteland areas, and it thrives well in shaded areas.

The common names are Catsfoot, Creeping Charlie, Cat's paw, Gill-go-by-the-hedge, Ground-ivy, Gill-go-over-the-ground, Hedgemaids, Glechoma hederacea, Turn Hoof, Field balm, Robin-run-in-the-hedge, Run-away-robin, Alehoof and Creeping Jenny.  The constituents are vitamin C, pulegone and terpenoids.

Health benefits of ground ivy herb

This medicinal herb is not only used medicinally, but it is also utilized as a flavoring and preservative for food and made into edible salad green in various countries.  However, avoid giving it to horses and cattle as it is toxic to them.

Ground-ivy is herbal remedy to treat coughs, bronchitis, colds, fever, flu and lung conditions.  It is also used as alternative medicine to treat arthritis, rheumatism and other pains in the joint, tinnitus which is ringing in the ears, diarrhea, bladder infections, hemorrhoids, menstrual conditions as well as kidney stones. 

It may also be placed on sores, wounds, abrasions and other skin ailments as a possible cure for these conditions.  Glechoma hederacea is also good to treat cancer. 

Detoxification of the kidneys will allow nutrients to travel to the scalp resulting in natural and healthy hair growth.  One of the medicinal herbs that is responsible in doing just that is this very herb.  It can also remedy decongestant as well as aid in clearing up catarrh and mucous.

Therefore drinking detox teas, such as Glechoma hederacea, red clover, sarsaparilla, milk thistle, cerasee and yarrow can make a world of difference.  They will lead you to begin living healthy.


Steep one ounce of the dried herb in a pint of boiling water.  Sweeten with sugar or honey if desired and consume one cool wineglass dose of ground ivy three times per day.

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