Growing herbs in a garden require fertile soil to produce healthy medicinal plants

Growing herbs is a very good alternative for the those who do not wish to spend the time operating a very elaborate fruit or even a vegetable garden. In this kind of gardening you could possibly think about planting and also maintaining this herb garden.

Although this option may not appear as important, you will definitely still benefit from the consistent availability of fresh, delicious herbs to be able to spice up your own meals and to use them as medicine.

Initially you will have to select the herbs that you are likely to grow although you could face some difficulties in doing this due to the vast scope of herbs that are available. However the most successful way to choose these herbs is look at what you have inside your kitchen to begin growing herbs.

List of herbs to grow in your garden

By planting your personal collection of all these herbs, you can save money by not purchasing them at the food market, while having the additional benefit of freshness from your own garden.

In growing herbs, a few of the medicinal herbs you could possibly begin with include rosemary, sage, basil, dill, mint, chives, as well as parsley.

It involves the selecting of an area to place your own herb garden, you need to keep in mind that the soil must have extremely good drainage system. In case the soil becomes watered and remains totally drenched, you have no chance of growing healthy herbs. The easiest way to correct the drainage problem is to dig a foot deep in the dirt, plus putting a layer of crushed rocks down in the dirt before replacing all the soil. It will enable all that liquid to escape, hence redeeming the herbs.

When you begin growing herbs, you may be tempted to purchase the more expensive herbs from the store. Nevertheless, by using herbs it is certainly much better to grow them from the seeds. Therefore you can save money by sticking with seed packets.

Drying and storing grown herbs

To dry them it is best to place them on a cookie sheet and bake them 170 degrees Fahrenheit for two to four hours. After they are sufficiently dried to be used in cooking, then get your favorite recipes and enjoy your herbs.

If you wish to store your herbs for much later usage, it is best to keep them in a plastic or glass container because storing them in paper or even a cardboard will absorb the taste of the herbs.

Throughout the first few days of storage, make sure you check the container to see if any dampness has accumulated. If it has, then remove all of the herbs and re-dry them. If moisture is left from the first drying process, it will promote mildew. This you would want to avoid.

Growing herbs the right way

Some herbs develop at a dangerously rapid pace. For instance, when you plant a mint plant in an open area it will take over your entire garden in a matter of days. Your best choice to avoid this problem is to grow the more aggressive herbs in planting pots with holes in the bottom to allow drainage.

You should wait until your plant has been well established for at least several months before taking off any leaves. It could be critical for your herb to take off a lot of the leaves even if it looks like it is not using them. The wait will definitely be worth it, because by growing unabated your plant will strive healthily for years to come.

Once you have reaped your own home grown herbs, you will definitely want to use them to flavor your cooking, use them for teas, and for medicinal purposes. That is the main purpose in growing herbs, for culinary and medicinal purposes.

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