Guango Tree and its Health Benefits

Guango Tree

Guango Tree

The guango tree is one of my favourite trees. I am just amazed by the fact that it goes to sleep every evening at about 6 pm and wakes up in the morning. I am talking about the leaves. Each evening, you will find the leaves wilted and flopped as if taking a nap.

It is native to Guatemala to Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and the Yucatan Peninsula. I would never advise anyone to plant this tree in their yard. I am very much satisfy with it in open lots and other strategic locations.

I was traveling on the road one day and saw men cutting down a humongous guango tree. They then cut numerous meat boards from the trunk of the tree and sold to passerbys right there on the spot. In truth, if these trees are not controlled, they can grow to enormous sizes in width and length.

Health Benefits of Guango Tree

Also, called Rain Tree, it is used as health benefits in parts of the world to treat intestinal conditions. It is also used as blood purifier, pain killer for headaches, treat stomach ailments and cold. It is also used as a sedative. A decoction from the root is utilized in hot baths for cancer of the stomach.

An infusion of the leaf is used as a laxative. Also, an alcoholic extract from the leaves can prohibit mycobacterium tuberculosis. The seeds can be chewed to treat ailments of the throat, especially sore throat.

Other Natural Uses

Some persons utilize its name for their businesses, especially, if one or more trees are grown close to their establishments. One such name is Guango Restaurant among others.

Apart from the medicinal purposes, there are so many natural uses that this tree is used for. It is a very good shade tree. In the West Indies, we sure use it up as shade tree. So you will find the trees in parks, pastures, roadsides, as well as church properties. Packed with nutrition, guango tree is also used as a tropical forage grass for animals.

Submitted July 23, 2017

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