Guava leaves are used to treat and cure diseases

Guava leaves medicinal herbs

Guavas are sweet and nutritious fruits with lots of benefits.  Guavas are native to northern South America, Central America as well as Mexico. They are now cultivated in many countries including the Caribbean.  Guava is also called bayabas and the guava trees (Psidium guajava) are found almost everywhere in Jamaica. 

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Jamaicans use guava to manufacture all kinds of delightful treats.  One such treat is the guava jam that is loved by adults as well as children.  Guava jam and bread as well as guava jam and biscuit make a delicious meal anytime. 

Guava jam is one product that is loved by tourists and Jamaicans who reside abroad and have returned home for vacations.  I have an aunt who takes quite few bottles of guava jam with her whenever she is returning abroad.

There are also guava preserves, guava condiments, guava juice and the list goes on.  There are those who prefer to just eat the fruit.  Some like it green while there are those who prefer to eat the ripe ones inclusive of its numerous seeds.  I love both ripe and green ones. 

However, the leaves are used as alternative medicine for various ailments and Jamaicans make full use of these leaves for their medical conditions.  The leaves have really found themselves among the medicinal herbs list and they are seen as very effective herbal medicine.

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Health benefits of guava leaves

Bayabas leaves may be utilized for treating skin conditions such as abscesses, heat rashes as well as moderate burns.  Just boil the leaves in water and then use that water as a bath for all skin ailments.  This herbal remedy may also be used on open sores, bruises and cuts.

Guava or bayabas leaves medicinal herbs are also useful to remedy running belly or diarrhea, gum and mouth conditions, cough, toothache, diabetes as well as vomiting.  An individual can use the tea to wash the mouth for any mouth ailments. 

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It was discovered that the leaves can also increase sperm count.  I think this is good news for men who suffer from low sperm count.  It is also said that guava leaves can be made into a paste and used to massage into hair and scalp to keep away grey hair.

Leucorrhea is that white discharge that most women suffer at given times due to bacteria.  At times it can give off a very offensive odor.  However, it is believed that guava leaf tea can treat such condition. 

Also, soaking the bayabas leaves in water overnight is an excellent remedy.  Just use the guava leaves water to wash and cleanse the vaginal area and this will bring about a positive result.

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Updated May 18, 2015

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