Scientists believed that gugulipid medicinal herb is as antiquated as myrrh

Gugulipid is an ancient medicinal herb which dates back to thousand of years and it was a primary herbal medicine used in traditional ayuverdic medicine in India.  It is collected from the gum of the mukul myrrh tree.

Mukul myrrh tree (Commiphora wightii) is also called Commiphora mukul. The tree is described as diminutive as well as prickly.

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It is native to Northern India and it is the tree from which the gum is extracted from and which is referred to as guggul. Other common names for the gum are Guggal, Gugglesterone, Gum gugal, Guggul gum, Guglipid, Mukul myrrh tree, Guggul gum resin as well as Guggulu.

During the age-old Egyptian eras, there were graphic records to prove that it was utilized as one of the primary medicines.

Health Benefits

During the years of the1960s, research workers in India found an age-old Sanskrit medical text, the Sushruta Samhita. This ancient medicinal book contained the instructions of how to used it to treat the condition of medoroga. Medoroga is a disease that is similar to elevated cholesterol and hardening of the arteries.

Therefore after testing it on animals and then humans, the results were so positive that it was decided by the Government of India to permit it as a treatment for high cholesterol.

The book also recorded it as an herbal weight loss solution, an herbal remedy for arthritis, atherosclerosis, acne conditions and other skin ailments.


Do not use this medicinal herb if you suffer from liver disease, inflammatory bowel conditions and diarrhea. Also if you are pregnant or nursing, you should avoid taking it. These instruction should be obeyed at all cost.

Purchasing Information

When purchasing this medicinal supplement, make sure guggul or guggulu is not on the label because they are not refined and may contain toxic substances. These toxic substances can cause diarrhea, pain in the stomach as well as rashes on the skin. However, it is refined and possesses substances that are free of toxic substances. Therefore, look for gugulipid on all herbal products before buying them.

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