Guinea Hen Weed As Natural Remedy For Swollen Feet

Guinea Hen Weed

Guinea Hen Weed

Recently I overheard some ladies talking about their swollen feet and what they were using to take down the swelling. Some spoke about soaking their feet in Epsom salt while taking their prescription medications.

There were various other remedies that were discussed and for some of the remedies, I was hearing them for the first time. What really caught my attention however, is the fact that some reported that they used guinea hen weed as their natural remedy to treat their swollen feet and the benefits they received from it. When I asked how this was done they gave me the following methods.

1. Soak guinea hen weed in rubbing alcohol, let it remain overnight and use it to rub swollen feet. You can also boil the guinea hen weed and mix it with the alcohol, then use it to massage the foot.

2. Crushed the leaves of guinea hen weed and use it to rub all over the swollen areas of the feet. If you desire a smoother rubbing, then it may be combined with olive oil.

Guinea hen weed is also good for cancer and sinusitis. Click this link for more information on guinea hen weed.

Please be reminded that you should always visit your doctor if you notice any swelling of the feet.

Updated July 23, 2017

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