Guinea Hen Weed Tea Bags In Jamaica

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Guinea hen weed

Guinea hen weed

I went to a supermarket recently and as usual, I had to visit the shelf that contains herbal teas. To my pleasant surprise I saw packs of guinea hen weed tea bags right there and it was manufactured right here in Jamaica.

I was so elated, I immediately bought some before they were all gone. I commend the manufacturers for this wise move because this is so convenient for the thousands of Jamaicans who want to utilize guinea hen weed but do not have the access to the plant.

It grows wild in the rural areas, so the people in that area can easily access the plant. However, those in the urban areas will have difficulty to retrieve it. Therefore, this is a welcoming move for every Jamaican who wants to experience its health benefits.

Guinea hen weed (Petiveria allacea) also called gully root and anamu is native to the Caribbean, Africa as well as South America and Central America. In Jamaica it is used by individuals to treat headaches, menstrual cramps and cancer among other ailments. It is a part of our heritage and Jamaican folklore.

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