Gymnema sylvestre medicinal herb is a suppressant for appetite

Gymnema sylvestre is a medicinal herb that is native to Southern and Central India.  It is an evergreen climbing plant that can be found in Assam, regions of Africa as well as around the Deccan Peninsula and it is one of the best herbs for diabetes.

The common names are Gymnema, Gurmar, Gurmarbooti, Sweet killer, Periploca of the woods, Miracle plant, Sugar destroyer and Mesbasringin.  The main parts used as herbal medicine are the leaves and they are used as herbal remedy for diabetes conditions. 

This treatment is even more tolerated due to the fact that the Hindi name "gurmar" means destroyer of sugar.  It literally kills the sugar.  Therefore, it is observed that this medicinal herb is the right remedy for those suffering with diabetes.

You may ask how this is done.  However, the answer is that when the gymnema leaves are chewed they stimulate a response in the taste buds effectually preventing any form of sweetness occurring into the mouth. 

The medicinal properties are emetic, stimulant, digestive, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, laxative, astringent, antimicrobial and stomachic.

The constituents of gymnema are alkaloids, saponins, gymnemic acids, carbohydrates, resins (2), tartaric acid, glucose, gurmarin, saponins, calcium oxalate, amino acids, flavones as well as quercitol.

Health benefit of gymnema sylvestre herb

In India, the leaves of Gymnema are chewed for the same purpose that was mentioned before.  They use it to treat diabetes by helping to control of blood sugar level.  This was done for centuries and during all these years of utilization, the result was most successful, according to records. 

Researchers using placebo showed that Gymnema or gurmar lowered blood sugar and that it may also improved the activity of insulin.

In another study, researchers allowed an amount of twenty seven persons who were suffering with type 1 diabetes to consume extracts from the leaves for many months.  At the end of the testing it was discovered that these diabetics needed far less insulin to control their blood sugar levels.  This is a result of the extract proven to boost cells that are responsible for producing insulin in the pancreas.

In regards to type 2 diabetes, gumar is also effective in the sense that it lowers the need for oral medication for this disease.  Type 2 diabetes are diabetics who do not use insulin but use oral medication to control blood sugar level.  However, Gymnema sylvestre was found to boost the body's control on blood sugar.  Therefore, this resulted in a reduction of oral medication frequency.

Apart from treating diabetes, the extract from the leaves of Gymnema is also herbal remedy for cough, malaria, constipation, digestive problems, lowering of cholesterol, LDL which is also referred to as bad cholesterol and also triglycerides. This is done in India’s traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Purchasing information

Although gymnema is sold as capsules in regards to dieting, there are those who are selling it as a liquid extract.  Diabetics in India utilized the water soluble acidic fraction from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre by using four hundred mg per day.

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