Gypsywort medicinal herb is useful in aromatherapy

Gypsywort medicinal herb

Gypsywort (Lycopus europaeus) medicinal herb is a plant that has no culinary purposes whatever. Nevertheless, it is utilized for conventional as well as medicinal purposes. The common names are Water horehound, Water bugle, Lycopus europaeus, Egyptian's herb, Bugleweed, Sweet bugle as well as Common Gypsyweed.

This plant originated in the surrounding areas of Europe as well as Northwest Asia. It is a perennial herb in the Lycopus genus.  Its most essential properties are derived from the stem and also the leaves.

The medicinal properties are sedative, astringent, aromatic, expectorant, diuretic and antioxidant.  The constituents are flavonoid, resins, essential oil, manganese and caffeic acid.

Health benefits of gypsywort herb

The leaves and the stems had been utilized as astringents, and sedatives and it is very good to treat anxiety, tuberculosis, as well as heart palpitations. Therefore, the entire medicinal plant has been known to slow and strengthen heart contractions, treat some heart conditions, coughs and also bleeding from the lungs.

Industrially, it seems to be enormously valuable in making a permanent black dye. Surprisingly enough that is how it obtained its name. It is said that the Gypsies stained their skin with this black dye like substance so they would resemble Africans or Egyptians when they were performing their "magic."

It possesses no recognized dangers and consistently flourishes in the areas of rivers, streams as well as ravines. It is likely that a person will probably come across this plant from the month of June to the month of September. However, the seeds are classified as ripe between August and October. The flowers of this plant is commonly used for herbal hyperthyroidism remedy. Hyperthyroidism is also referred to as overactive thyroid and this condition plagues many individuals all over the world.  It is also recorded that it can be very fatal. This medicinal herb is known as the true medicinal remedy for this condition. Due to its sedative properties it is able to calm the overactive thyroid gland by lowering excessive mineral iodine.

A one of a kind physical characteristic of this medicinal plant is that it possesses both male and female organs making it is a self-fertile plant. If there is nothing around to eat and starvation is eminent and if this herb is available, then the root may be eaten raw or cooked.


Put five drops of tincture in a cup of water and this may be consumed three times per day. This remedy of gypsywort medicinal herb can help to cure as well as preventive hyperthyroidism.

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