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Hair loss herbs

It is recorded that the head of an adult possesses approximately 100,000 strand of hairs.  That is surely a lot of hair and I am sure you will agree with me that we do not want to lose even one strand of hair.

However, the time will eventually come when we will begin to lose our hair for different reasons.  Some hair loss or hair thinning can be caused from radiation treatments, stress and anxiety, scalp infections, poor hair care, and there are some that are hereditary which can lead to baldness. 

Other causes can be the result of sickness such as syphilis, anemia, diabetes, lupus, ringworm of the scalp as well as alopecia areata.

Hair is made up of a protein which is referred to as keratin.  The hair that we treasure so much is really dead cells.  The follicle is actually the one with life and that is found below the scalp. 

The sebaceous glands are found near the follicle and these glands are responsible for lustrous and vibrant hair.  However, depending on the sebum production, the sebaceous glands can make the hair look dry or otherwise oily. 

However, natural remedies in regards to hair loss herbs may be able to lower hair loss, and improve hair growth.

Precautions in combing the hair

Apart from hair loss herbs, one other thing that people overlook most of the time, that can cause hair loss, is taking precaution when combing the hair.  This is a very crucial routine for most people. 

When combing the hair, it should be done in a gentle manner and not vigorously because this can cause the hair to fall out.

Avoid using other people's comb to prevent bacterial as well as fungal infections.  Furthermore, you may be also preventing the contraction of head lice which can spread from one individual to the next.

List of hair loss herbs

1.  Henna can deeply condition the hair and it is a very popular and traditional herb used as a treatment for hair loss.  as a matter of fact henna can be utilized as a natural dye to dye the hair.  When henna is combined with coffee, lemon juice and gooseberry it becomes an excellent cure and treatment for hair fall.

2.  The utilization of Aloe Vera gel on the hair once per week followed by the washing of your hair can be very beneficial.

3.  Loss of hair or hair thinning is primarily caused by infection that damage the follicle.  To get rid of the infection, a person may use neem leaves tea which has been boiled for approximately 5 minutes. 

Neem medicinal herb is deemed a natural disinfectant that  will not harm the shaft of the hair.  It is also useful to treat and cure dandruff, which is another reason for hair loss.

4.  Castor oil is also known to prevent and aid in hair loss. I have known persons who have tried it and have testified that it works.

4.  Mix honey with some warm oil, add a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder and then massage it into the scalp.  Leave it on for fifteen minutes and this will enhance hair growth as well as it will keep the hair shiny and soft.

5.  Crushed olive leaves combined with vinegar and apply it to hair.  This is an effective remedy for hair loss.

6.  Tuna plant is a part of hair loss herbs and it is also very good to treat thinning of the hair.  It can be used as a conditioner for the hair.  I usually used the gel to rub all over the hair, let it stand for few minutes and then rinse it out.  It also gives the hair a nice sheen.

Other hair loss remedies

1.  Use fresh green warm coconut milk and massage into the hair. Keep it in the hair for approximately two hours.  Also use warm oil in the hair.  These procedures will keep the hair healthy as well as soft and cause the hair to be more manageable.

2.  Diets that are rich in nutrients can enhance the growth of hair according to doctors.  Therefore, to help prevent, stop and treat hair loss an inclusion of much of vitamin A should be part of the diet.

3.  The consumption of leafy green vegetables can be very beneficial.  Also, the consumption a diet rich in protein will help hair to be healthy and will encourage hair growth. 

4.  Grind or grate ginger and then blend with one tablespoon organic coconut oil, one tablespoon honey and five vitamin E capsules. Use the blended ingredients to massage the scalp, then cover hair with a shower cap. 

After fifty minutes, wash hair thoroughly. You can do this procedure as often as you wish. The result, hair growth and restoration of natural hair colour.

Hair loss herbs can bring about an overall personal beauty as a result of healthy hair. 

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Updated May 12, 2020

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