Hay fever herbs are medicinal plants that may cure, treat and prevent hay fever

Oedema of the conjunctiva due to hay fever allergy

Hay fever herbs are natural herbal remedies for hay fever. What is hay fever? Many may ask, but it is usually caused by the action of the pollen of certain plants, trees and also grasses which at times will react on over sensitive nasal mucous membrane. This reaction can cause bronchial conditions such as an attack of asthma as well as symptoms related to asthma, like bronchitis. Medicinal herbs for hay fever will soothe, calm and heal these ailments.

There are certain medicinal herbs which can be used to treat this condition that affect thousands of people every year. Even a small amount of pollen grains like two to four pollen grains can bring on hay fever in these sensitive individuals.

Although it is said that hay fever is prevalent mostly at spring and summer time, it can be present all year round. Individuals who suffer hay fever should avoid pollen grass, certain animals, especially cats. If an individual knows exactly what is causing the hay fever, then that person should avoid contact with that item.

Symptoms of hay fever

The symptoms of hay fever includes cold like symptoms affecting the head as well as sneezing, headaches, distress and depression. The eyes are also affected showing watery, red and irritated conditions and itchy skin. The nasal passage are also red and swollen.

There are many local treatments that may only bring partial relief. However, the use of hay fever herbs as well as other natural treatment along with God"s natural air will bring about herbal remedy and great health benefits for the sufferers.  Hay fever is also referred to as nasal allergies, rhinitis as well as pollinosis.

Hay fever herbs and their treatment

Hay fever herbs are goldenseal, ragweed (some people are allergic to this herb), goldenrod, skunk cabbage, bayberry bark as well as calamus root, butterbur (this will help with breathing), eyebright, nettle leaf and ephedra,

A teaspoonful each of goldenseal medicinal herb and borax combined with one pint of boiling water should be good. Shake this combination well and allow to stand for two hours, while shaking it periodically. After the two hours pour some of it in the hand and inhale with one nostril at a time. This process, while doing it for a number of times, will eventually clean the nose and bring healing to the membranes.

Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, basil and eucalyptus blue gum are also used to remedy hay fever.  About three drops of any of these essential oils can be placed on a handkerchief or any other small piece of cotton material can bring relief.

A mixture of one teaspoonful each of the calamus root, goldenrod, ragweed and the skunk cabbage is a good combination. Then one teaspoonful of this mixture may be placed in a glass of warm water and consumed one hour before meal and or upon retiring to bed.

A continuous drinking of herbal drinks as well as herbal teas can be quite effective in treating hay fever.

Steep one tablespoon full of ephedra may be placed in one pint of boiling water for one and a half hour. Strain this mixture through a piece of cloth and sniff it through the nostrils. This may be done three to four times daily until relief is felt.

Apart from hay fever herbs, sufferers may also used warm salt water to gargle the throat.

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