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Breadfruit Tree

Breadfruit Tree

I was fascinated when I received this publication in my email. These articles give me the courage to continue on my quest of declaring that medicinal herbs are really the best form of alternative medicine. They are of a fact, healing nature.

This is sourced from SoMdNews or Southern Maryland Newspaper Online written by Sara K. Taylor, staff writer concerning "Chesapeake herb gathering brings together farmers, healers, advocates."

The article featured Centro Ashe who recently held a Chesapeake herb gathering in Nanjemoy. This resulted in the coming together of herbalists, farmers, botanists, artist, teachers as well as anyone who had an interest in utilizing plants as medicine. If I was there, I would definitely be in attendance because of my interest in it as well.

We truly need more gatherings like these worldwide, to see how much we can minimize the use of synthetic drugs.

Julia Eddy of Washington, D.C., who also was in attendance, said that it is the most ancient and logical way to heal ourselves. She continued by saying that, we have lost touch with that over the years. I am in total agreement with her.

Ayo Ngozi, an herbalist and owner of James River Herb & Spice Co. also talked about the tea she makes. She related how her son was having a bad day so she grabbed some ingredients from her yard in the District and brewed him a simple tea. In an hour her son Kamau was feeling better.

Meehan said while modern medicine has a very important role in our health care system, it is important that we nurture and value the traditional knowledge of using plants for our healing as well. She said we work to keep this knowledge alive and accessible at the community level.

For more information, you can visit http://www.somdnews.com/article/20131002/NEWS/131009843/1059/healing-nature&template=southernMaryland

I commend this staff writer. Happy reading everyone!!

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