Healthy eating, including medicinal herbs, can aid in detoxing and cleansing the body

Healthy eating

Healthy Eating

A change is now eminent in regards to eating the right kind of food because people are more health conscious and want to live a lengthy and more fulfilled life that is free from diseases and therefore will result in healthy living.

There are those who try to keep up with the latest information in order to make this change work effectively. The following article, I hope, will help to convince you that eating healthy is the best route to take.

Native goes "Fresh" on healthy eating27/08/2011 04:00:00 By Okoye Henry

Extracted from the Western Mirror

In light of the growing concern on healthy eating, several restaurants are revamping their menus to better suit the more health-conscious customers.

One of Montego Bay’s long established eateries, the Native Restaurant on Gloucester Avenue is introducing its new buffet brunch dubbed 'Fresh', to be offered the last Sunday of each month starting August 28.

The Native’s new buffet line-up will include loads of organic health delicacies fit for both vegetarian and meat-eaters alike.

Some of these new dishes include curried raisin quinoa, almond curry pâté, a variety of assorted breads with herbs like the rosemary bread, desserts like banana pasta and fruit kebobs with chocolate fondue sauce, tomato pumpkin soup and even a salad bar among many more treats.

The Native will also have health food for kids in the form of meatballs, spaghetti and even pastry.

"We want to do things that are healthy and so we’ll use a lot of fruits and vegetables, herbs, olive oil, whole wheat and less sugar," said Elaine Stephenson, co-owner of the Native.

Elaine along with her sister Michele Reid, Derrick Stephenson and Boris Reid, own the Native Restaurant.

Elaine said the move to promote better health came about due to the hoards of people being been diagnosed with lifestyle illnesses such diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity; all of which can be brought about by the types of food eaten.

She explained that 'Fresh' will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and feature a number of food stations all over the dining room area of the Native. The first 30 persons, she added, will get special discounts on meals.

"It’s the knowledge that we received that we want to pass on, especially in light of so many folks with health issues," said Michele. "So this is the way we can give back and help as the underlined long term idea is to get people thinking about health."

Healthy eating

Healthy eating will nourish the mind

Eating healthy is not only for the body, but it for the mind as well. It is not only for the adults but it involves the children who are the future. Eating right will nourish our minds and will prevent mental sicknesses.

If you notice, medicinal herbs are also mentioned in this article because they have become integral parts in the well being of men and they have been used for centuries as food and medicine.

How to eat healthy is a question many will ask but eating a healthy diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as well as edible medicinal herbs. These are natural foods and are not packed with high fats or vast amount of sodium.

The Bible supports healthy eating

Healthy eating

The importance of eating healthy is also found In Daniel 1-16.  Daniel decided not not to let himself become ritually unclean by eating the food and drinking the wine of the royal court. Therefore, Daniel asked a guard to test him and his three friends for ten days on a diet of water and vegetables. At the end of the ten days they were to be compared to the young men who ate the food of the royal court.

When the time was up, Daniel and his friends looked healthier and stronger than all those who had been eating the royal food. We would be looking stronger and healthier today if we were following these herbal solutions and consuming medicinal herbs.

Even from the beginning, the Bible on herbs is clear. It tells us that herbs were a part of God's plan for mankind. He told us clearly in Genesis 1:29,30 that He, God has provided all kinds of grain and all kinds of fruit for us to eat.

We should really go back to the basics of life, follow these instructions and we will achieve healthy eating habits.

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