Herb guide acknowledges those medicinal herbs that should be treated as medicine


Herb guide or guide to medicinal herbs is very important because we should know about the herbs before we use them. They have a season when they grow, when they bloom, and when they bring forth fruit. 

There is also a season when they should be harvested and when they are at their full potential medicinally and nutritionally. Therefore information on herbs is a very crucial matter. It must not be taken lightly.

Due to the hectic schedule of most individuals who are interested in learning all they can about herbs and their uses, herbal guide is most necessary for a better understanding on the subject, in regards to using herbs.

However, because of the magnitude of herbs that are sold in the stores today it can become very confusing when purchasing herbal products.

It is paramount to know the diseases and conditions that can be treated and cured by the specific herbs before using them. Also the preparation of them is highly critical.

Herbs should be picked when they are full bloom. If they are picked at some other time, then they become weak.

Roots and barks should be harvested in the fall or spring. Following this herbal guide will make a difference in your herbal preparations.

It is said that it is best to pick medicinal herbs in the morning, up to an hour after sunrise. At that time everything is up from the roots and they are at their fullest.

Sometimes only certain parts of the herbs are used

In herbal medicine, not all parts of the plant are used for treatment. Sometimes, only the flower or seed, the leaves, the root, leaves and branches or it can be a combination of parts or the whole plant.

Therefore herbal guide is necessary and so one should learn the rules and regulations concerning herb.

Herb standard dosage guide

To get the best result when taking an herbal remedy, use two cups daily for nine days. After nine days, stop for three days. If the ailment is not remedied, take it for another nine days. This guide is very effective.

Herb guide in consumption of medicinal herbs

Do not combine more than three herbs and one of the three should be an aromatic herb. Combine only two laxative herbs. One should be mild and the other one strong for balance.

Senna pod and peppermint work well together. If you are taking more than two herbs take them separately about two hours apart. This is one of the reasons that herbs guide is so crucial.

Flowering herbs are called female herbs and the same herb in a non-flowering state is called a male herb.

Male plants are usually smaller and have more color while the female herbs are less colorful and larger in size. Most people are ignorant concerning this fact, hence herb guide.

The knowledge of this herb guide informs us that there are herbs that raise and lower blood pressure and blood sugar, so care must be given when using them.

There are also those that produce constipation and those that produce diarrhea, so we must know about medicinal herbs before taking them.

Although it is believed that some herbs are poisonous, Llaila O. Africa, of the powerful book, African Holistic Health, believed that no herb is poisonous if it combined properly with another herb. 

The author believed that it can be combined with another herb which can antidote the poisonous effect of the so-called poisonous herb. 

Therefore, the result will be that the nutrients of the poisonous herb can be utilized for a treatment.  However for safety sake, it is advisable in herb guide to learn of the poisonous herbs.

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