Herbal asthma remedy can combat the continuous flare up of respiratory ailments

fenugreek for asthma

Herbal asthma Remedy (Treating asthma with medicinal herbs)

Asthma, also called bronchial asthma, affects millions of people all around the globe and this ailment can be quite fatal if not treated immediately. I have known friends who have suffered for years from asthma and there are those who have died which to this day I mourn their loss. I firmly believed that if they had known the use and benefits of medicinal herbs then they would be alive today.  I am convinced that these plants are natural cure for asthma.

One of my aunts, suddenly started to experience asthma attacks. This went on for quite some time as she was in and out of the hospital, getting 3 to 6 nebulizers each time she is admitted.

My aunt was introduced to thyme which she started to use shortly after the last attack. This medicinal herb was very beneficial to her due to the fact that the frequency of the attack is now minimal and my aunt is now happier than ever before.  She is enjoying all the things she loves to do.

Symptoms and causes of asthma

asthma patient with nebulize

One of the asthma symptoms is a dreaded choking sensation. The sufferers have trouble breathing and attack can happen due to the odor of certain perfumes, a smoke-filled room, a dog, a cat, a flower garden, dusty carpets, change of climate and even dust. This can be also triggered by the eating of certain foods. It is said that there is no known cure, but can be managed and what better way to manage it but with herbal asthma remedy, in regards to using herbs. One such medicinal herb which is commonly used in Jamaica is the leaf of life which is one of Jamaica's top medicinal herds for asthma.

There are lots ways suggested to minimize the attack. However, medicinal plants can do wonders. There is also fenugreek which is used by many and has proven effective. However, always remember to consult your doctor if you feel there is an eminent attack.

Asthma will eventually cause damage to both the heart and lungs if the attack comes on regular periods during an individual's lifetime.

List of herbs for herbal asthma remedy

The seeds of the fenugreek is useful and beneficial in the treatment of asthma. This is done in the form of tea.

Other medicinal herbs that are beneficial and effective to treat asthma are: black cohosh, comfrey, coltsfoot, horehound, hyssop, lobelia, masterwort, milkweed, mullein, myrrh, pleurisy root, prickly ash, saw palmetto berries, vervain, wild cherry, flaxseed, balm of gilead, red root, red sage, boneset, elecampane.

Herbal vaporizer is also an excellent choice in asthma herbal remedy. It is good in treating this disease and it is also effective in other diseases such as cancer as well as high blood pressure.

In case of an asthma attack, you can help yourself with the following procedures while on your way to the doctor.

Breathe in through the nostrils and then breathe out through the mouth with the lips set in a whistling position.  Take two seconds to inhale and then four seconds to exhale.  This action may aid in your airways opening up during an attack.

Herbal asthma remedy is always a wise choice to naturally cure asthma.

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