Herbal back pain will aid in preventing future pain

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Herbal back pain

You might have lifted some heavy objects, or just maybe you swung a little too hard at a tennis ball or even jumping to shoot a basketball.  Perhaps, you have been sitting around your desk or over the computer for long hours or even for weeks trying to outdone heavy work schedule.

You might have slipped on a slippery floor. The result is that of a strain and a terrible agonizing back pain that is so unbearable.  I know, I have experienced all of that and I used the appropriate remedies to deal with my back pain.

A visit to the doctor may result in some pain medication that does little to ease the tight, aching muscles.  However, there are lots of natural home remedies that can be used to treat back pain and ease the discomfort that affects thousands of people worldwide.

List of herbal back pain remedies

Herbal back pain, which is using herbs for back pain is my specialty for treating back pains.  The list of herbs that can be used to treat backache or back pain are wood betony, tansy, uva ursi, pennyroyal, ginger, tuna plant, love bush, nettle, St. John's wort, wintergreen and fennel.  All these medicinal herbs are effective in treating back pain.  Tuna plant or prickly pear is highly recommended for back pain.

Use ginger powder with water to make a paste and then place the past on the section of the back that is in pain.  Let it stay for fifteen minutes, after which wash off the ginger paste and ask someone to rub the area with eucalyptus oil.  Olive oil may also be used in case you are out of eucalyptus oil.

In aromatherapy a mixture of four drops of birch, four drops of rosemary, four drops of ginger, four drops of blue chamomile as well as fourteen drops of lavender essential oils can be combined with half ounce of carrier oil, also referred to as vegetable oil to make a massage oil for backache.

Other natural remedies for back pain

Other natural back pain remedies are:

1.  Acupressure, homeopathy hydrotherapy, massage, reflexology, yoga, relaxation and fruit juice, especially the dark grape juice which is more effective than other juices for back pain. 

2.  You can also put ice on the painful area as well take a nice hot bath. 

3.  Another natural remedy for back pain remedy is sleeping on the floor for few nights.  This works works wonders for back pain.  I have tried it and it really works for me.


Be reminded however, that it is always wise to check with your doctor if your back pain last for more than three days, if there is a numbness in your legs, if there are pains running down your leg to the knee or foot, if there is a numbness in the legs and if you suffer with stomach cramps, loss of bladder and bowel control, chest pain and fever.

It is always wise to invest in a new mattress as you continue to utilize herbal back pain.

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