Herbal bath will restore body and mind with the use of medicinal herbs

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Herbal bath is preferred by most people today to regular bath because the health benefits are great.  It leaves your skin velvety soft and silky smooth and it also helps to relieve muscle tension, ease tense neck and shoulders, muscle spasm and stressed joints. This method is simply using herbs for baths which are good for the skin and the mind. Some people also call it herbs bath.

It brings the feeling of tranquility, peace and relaxation after a stressful day, rejuvenates the body, restores skin's beauty, energize your spirit, nourish the skin, muscles and mind, relieves stress and anxiety. It helps to relieve allergies.

It is used also for bodily pain and sore muscles due to arthritis, rheumatism, gout, or injuries caused by sports.

In history, the ancient Greeks used thyme medicinal herb in their baths and burnt it as incense in their temples, believing that thyme was a source of courage.

Some people believe that an herbal bath will protect them from evil and so they spend hundreds of dollars just for a bath from someone who may be a herbalist or someone who practice obeahism.

Preparation for baths


Make a strong tea of the medicinal herbs. Add a couple of quarts to warm bath water or you can also fill a cotton bag with the herbs and add the bag to your bathing water. The hotter the water the greater the result. After all is done, just get in and relax.

List of medicinal herbs to be used for herbal bath

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Anyone of the following medicinal herbs can be used for baths:

A chamomile bath will relax the nerves and relieves pain and fatigue. It is very good to remove black and blue marks and also puffiness around the eyes. It will open breathing passages.

A pine bath can be made by combining pine needles, lavender, eucalyptus, and pimento leaf or seeds. This was used by the Indians and was later used by the pioneers because of its soothing, and restful effect. It can also clear the nasal passages and breaks up mucus congestion in the chest and lungs, making it a good remedy for asthma.

Pine bath also relieves stiffness in the joints and relieves rheumatic and arthritic pain. It is very relaxing to the nerves and stimulating to the circulatory system. This gives the skin a robust or red look, due to the improved circulation of blood to the skin.

The tea of tamarind leaves is used in baths of children to soothe itching, treat measles, fevers, smallpox, and chickenpox. Tamarind bath is also very beneficial for adults.

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Other herbal products and herbal methods for baths

In shopping centers worldwide there are a large amount of herbal products or natural products to aid in herbal bath such as aromatherapy bath oils, castor oil, body washes, lotions, skin conditioner, bath oil, bath tea, and bath salt amongst other herbal extracts and fragrances.

Additionally, a sponge bath of Aloe Vera juice can be used daily. Herb baths of lavender, burdock, elecampane can also be used. The quantity, a size of a lemon in a gallon of water.

The following herbs can be used for a deep cleansing bath may every three days.  They are Mustard Powder, horseradish Powder, Ginger Powder, Clove Powder, and Indian Hemp.

They are other baths such as hot foot baths, fever sponge baths, starch baths as well as a hot sitz bath.  All of these baths can also be intertwined with herbs.

A complimentary addition to herb bath is herbal deodorants. After a very relaxing herbal bath, use herbal deodorants for a fresh herbal scent that keeps you smelling great.

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