Herbal children remedies can cure ailments affecting children

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Herbal Children Remedies

Infants, babies or children on a whole may be given natural herbal remedies for various ailments.  Many of us who are of age today can testify of that.  We had been given herbal remedies over and over again by our parents.  Some were not too palatable, but we had to take them, because according to them it was good for us.  This was especially true for children in the country areas.  I can still hear those words ringing in my ears today.

Our parents had a medicinal herb for every ailment.  Therefore natural remedies revolved around herbs for them and so there was no escape for us.  Oh how we hated those herbal medications, especially those that they referred to as "wash out."  Wash outs were laxative herbs.  These wash outs were done a week or two before going back to school after the holidays, especially the long summer holidays.  These were horrible times for us children.  However, the health benefits were excellent and today we are alive to tell the tales.  Furthermore, we are very grateful to them because now we have grown to love and accept these herbal remedies.

List of herbal children remedies

  • For asthma, colds and congestion in babies and children, a tea of the following herbs were used.  They are sweet basil, mint (a favourite), jack in the bush, cinnamon and honey, rosemary, chamomile and anise.
  • To loosen up a clogged breathing passage, just simmer either rosemary, chamomile, ginkgo biloba, garlic and eucalyptus in an open container and allow the infant or baby to inhale the vapors.
  • To alleviate nervousness and restlessness in infants, babies and children, herbal children remedies include chamomile tea which is excellent for such conditions.  The tea will also aid in preventing nightmares that seem to plaque children, especially at nights.
  • Coughs in children sometimes involve whooping cough and various other coughs.  The medicinal herbs that may be used for these coughs in herbal children remedies are thyme, onion, garlic, slippery elm, cinnamon with honey, cloves as well as sweet violet.  A very popular remedy that is utilized very often in Jamaica is the famous, honey and lime.  Lemon can be used if there is no lime.
Healthy Baby Girl
  • Bringing down fever in children is paramount and so the medicinal herbs that are used to bring down a fever are soursop leaf, valerian root, tamarind, chamomile, catnip, peppermint, jack in the bush, custard apple leaves, licorice root and also fresh cut.
  • There are many children who suffer bed-wetting, so to treat bed-wetting, children should be given some cinnamon tea before retiring to bed.  Other herbs in herbal children remedies that may be used are St. John's wort, raw pumpkin seeds as well as touch-me-not which is also referred to as jewelweed.  Preventing them from drinking too much liquid before bedtime is also very important.
  • Children who suffer with measles may be given an herbal bath made with cerasee, tamarind leaves, Spanish needle and valerian root.  Teas made for this bath however, should be mild due to the sensitivity of children's skin.
  • The medicinal herbs to cleanse children's bowel from worms are wormwood, St. John's Wort, tamarind leaves as well as cascara sagradaPeppermint mixed with senna pods are also found to be effective in getting rid of worms.
  • Skin conditions, especially diaper rash are troublesome for most children, babies and infants.  However, a natural approach in treating these conditions can be applied with the use of cerasee, comfrey, soapwort, chamomile, mullein as well as birch.  They can be used to bathe the baby.  A paste made with slippery elm and combined with olive oil may be used to rub the affected areas.
  • Make a tea of either ginger, nutmeg, blackberry leaf, red raspberry leaves or slippery elm for diarrhea in children.  The outer covering of the nutmeg which is referred to as the mace may be roasted and given to infants for diarrhea as well as dysentery.
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Doses for children

Beat one egg white and let it stand for some minutes.  After that, skim off the froth, then add some honey.  Depending on the age of the child doses of  two teaspoonfuls may be given.  This will aid in clearing mucus from the chest of children.  These are simple herbal children remedies that can be very effective.

Herbal teas for children should be one teaspoonful of dried herb to a cup of boiling water.  Let it simmer for five minutes and administer doses ranging from few teaspoonfuls to a one cup depending on the child's age.  Up to three doses may be given three times per day.

These are standard doses in regards to herbal children remedies. 

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