Herbal cure with medicinal herbs can be practiced as home remedy regime

Herbal cure is currently being sought after because more and more people are finding out that these herbal remedies are really natural healing from various pains and aches and diseases while synthetic medicines, used over and over again continue to be failures and in a large extent procure many side effects that are sometimes fatal.

Therefore, the need of alternative medicine in the wake of natural herbal is very prevalent these days. Also this is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and it is becoming more recognized every day.

This approach for various diseases is fairly safe and most times can easily be prepared at home making them convenient and economical to the user. That is why it is very important to have an herb garden that will consist of various medicinal herbs for your own use, whether medicinally or culinary. Any herb garden could also benefit a whole community because there are always those who cannot find the time to do some gardening and then those who may find the time could share the medicinal plants so as to have a healthy community.

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This is the way we do it in Jamaica. Some of us are always planting, sharing and exploring medicinal herbs and will exchange vital information towards a possible cure for an ailment by a particular herb and most times this can be very interesting and rewarding. At this time we would reminiscent our past elders who left us this legacy of treating ailments with medicinal plants to bring about a natural cure with herbal medicine.

This practice also involves Chinese medicine herbs, ayurvedic herbal remedies, herbal supplements and alternative medicine.

Herbal benefits of natural herbal cure

Dandelion medicinal herb taken at home

Some of the benefits of this procedure are detoxification, treatment of colds and flu, purification of the blood, anti aging treatment, treatment of both chronic and acute diseases, as well as the prevention of these and other ailments.

There are natural cure for a wide range of diseases such as herbal cure for asthma, herbal remedy for cancer, arthritis, prostate conditions and a vast amount of other diseases too numerous to mention here.

Whether you want to infuse, boil, make a liniment or a salve to treat diseases is left up to you. Perhaps you would prefer a poultice, consume herbal teas, use aromatherapy, or even ayurvedic treatments. Maybe you would prefer to utilize herbal supplement or even enjoy the luxury of  herbal baths and other alternative therapies. Whatever is your preference, herbal therapy is a healthy choice leading to a healthy living.

However, no matter what approach you may take towards herbal cure, it will be very beneficial because it is natural remedies that are safe and effective in seeking relief and a cure from a large number of medical conditions that are plaguing the human society.


Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional especially if you take prescribed medication because there some medications that should not be combine with some herbs. It is always advisable however to proceed with caution when using medicinal herbs for herbal cure.

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