Herbal deodorants are healthy alternatives to those found in the cosmetic stores

lemongrass may be used as herbal deodorantLemongrass

Herbal deodorants, also called natural deodorants is an effective, hypoallergenic alternative to the chemical deodorants available today, some of which are alleged to be responsible for breast cancer. Also most of the commercial antiperspirants contain aluminum and other questionable metallic compounds.

Whether you sweat or perspire, they are gentle for the sensitive skin under the armpits, giving a fresh herbal scent as well as natural fragrances that keeps you smelling great.

List of medicinal herbs used as natural deodorants

lavender as an herbal deodorantLavender Flowers

To make your homemade deodorant, use the tea of each medicinal herb mentioned below to splash underneath the arm. For a better method, put the tea into a spray bottle and spray it on the armpit, making it a natural spray deodorant.

Lovage: Among the many uses, including as a deodorant, Lovage tea made from the root can be applied to wounds as antiseptic, or consumed to stimulate digestion. It is also useful as a sedative, in fluid retention and to ease stomach pain.

Sage: This medicinal herb is an excellent and safe natural disinfectant and can be used as an astringent. It works well against bacterial or fungus infections.

Lavender flowers: Lavender is an aromatic medicinal herb known for its purple flowers. They have a strong fragrance and have been used medicinally. The flowers can be easily harvested and dried to deodorize pillows and bed linens when harvested at the right time.

Lemongrass: This is a popular herb in Asian cuisine and it is very easy to grow. You can use it fresh or dry it to make a tea which can be used for many uses including as a deodorant.

Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum tea is one of China's most popular herbal teas. It is very refreshing and has a slightly sweet taste and fragrance. Extracts of Chrysanthemum stem and flower have been shown to have a wide variety of potential medicinal properties, including anti-HIV-1, antibacterial as well as antimycotic.

These are the primary medicinal plants to be used as herbal deodorants.

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Updated January 28, 2016

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