Herbal fainting remedy with medicinal herbs can restore mental clarity after a fainting spell

Cayenne Peppers

Herbal fainting remedy is simply medicinal herbs to treat fainting which has been used several years ago.

What is fainting? some people may ask. The answer is that it is an act of losing consciousness for a brief moment. It is when all vital process stop working because the blood to the brain is shut off, then one of the first effects of a decreased supply is unconsciousness.

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Some of the reasons for a fainting spell is hunger, fatigue, the sight of disturbing and frightening elements such as blood and accidents. Also being in a small room, fear, sudden bad news, excruciating pain, severe emotional shock and many other unstable circumstances that will initiate a fainting fit.

Symptoms of fainting spells - Herbal fainting remedy

The symptoms of fainting are a paleness of the face, the forehead and other parts of the body may be bathed in cold sweat, the individual becomes dizzy, and a black cloud seems to pass before the eyes before unconsciousness takes place. The individual will then slump or fall to the floor while the breathing is shallow and the pulse is weak.

Herbal remedy for fainting is most beneficial upon realizing that a faint is eminent. It is just as important after the individual gains consciousness. If a person feels faint then either lie down flat or sit down and bend forward so that your head is nearly as possible between your knees. Fresh air is a must to be able to breathe freely.

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List of medicinal herbs to aid in fainting

If the individual can swallow, tablespoonfuls of these herbs are very effective and can allay fainting spells. The medicinal herbs are peppermint, motherwort, cayenne and lavender.

Peppermint is good to allay fainting and dizziness and to give a natural strength and calm to the stomach after eating irritating foods. Peppermint is a good herbal remedy for this condition. Jamaicans used it a lot for conditions related to fainting.

Motherwort is useful in nervous complaints, fainting, heart flutters, cramps, convulsions, hysteria, delirium, and sleeplessness.

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A small amount of cayenne should be added to all herbal teas since since it acts as a carrier and increases their healing and medicinal nature.

Take 7 drops of lavender oil with a spoonful of honey for gas, dizzy spells, fainting, migraine headaches, and purifying of the intestines.

Along with herbal fainting remedy, sprinkling the face with cold water will also help or gently slapping the face with a wet towel may stimulate the circulation and revive the fainted individual.

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