Herbal fever remedy with the use of medicinal herbs is a good home remedy procedure

Guinea Hen weed

Herbal Fever Remedy

Every individual has a temperature, from the smallest to the greatest. Therefore, when this temperature rises above what is deemed to be normal, it is referred to as a fever. 

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A normal temperature measured orally, ranges from 96.7 to 99.0 degrees Fahrenheit. If this is taken rectally, it measures one degree Fahrenheit higher.

Our own temperature may vary by more than two degrees during the course of the day, with the lowest reading usually occurring in the early morning and the highest in the evening.

A fever arises from the symptom of different conditions such as an infection caused by bacteria, fungi, a virus, parasites as well as an allergic reaction.

When these conditions invade the body then the white blood cells are activated to attack, releasing a protein called endogenous pyrogen. 

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When this protein reaches the brain, it alerts the hypothalamus to set itself at a higher point and if this new point is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is a fever.

This herbal remedy is an excellent way to treat a fever and herbal teas will work wonders in bringing down a fever. The following medicinal herbs for fever will break up any fever. They are: red raspberry leaves, alfalfa, angelica as well as willow bark leaves.

Slippery elm tea, which is a potent cleanser and one which is soothing to the stomach as well as the intestinal tract is a very good remedy for most fevers.

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Medicinal herbs for fever

The following medicinal herbs are also excellent natural fever remedy. They are: yarrow, red sage, catnip, peppermint, wild black cherry, valerian, black cohosh, tansy, chamomile, elderberry, boneset, willow bark leaves, pleurisy root, marigold, nettle as well as lobelia.

Make each herb into a tea and drink intermittently until the fever breaks. Red raspberry leaf tea is very good for children who are suffering with fever.

Guinea hen weed is also excellent to use. This might be a little old fashion, but it is still useful and it is also an effective herbal fever remedy.

Upon retiring to your bed gather quite a number of the guinea hen weed leaves and place them on a section of your bed. Cover the leaves with a cotton sheet and lie on top of them for the night and it is believed that in the morning you will wake fever free.

However, apart from herbal fever remedy, if a high fever last for more than a day, consult your doctor. Also be reminded that a child can develop seizures if the fever goes too high, so always remember to consult your doctor.

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Updated February 19, 2020


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