Herbal fibroid remedy can cure fibroid tumors naturally


Herbal fibroid remedy is a method of treating fibroid tumor with medicinal herbs. There are women who have testified that having used herbs for this condition, then there was no need for surgery which at times leads to hysterectomy. This is one disease that every woman hoped will not affect her including myself.

Fibroid tumors of the uterus are made up of muscle tissue growing from the muscle of the wall of the uterus. The muscle tissue also resembles the muscle of the wall of the uterus and with this are intermingled varying amounts of fibrous connective tissue.

The varying amounts of fibrous connective tissue are of varying sizes, from that of a pea up to immense masses weighing up to two pounds, sometimes even more.

Symptoms and causes of fibroid

The symptoms are as follows: When situated in the lower part of the uterus, fibroid tumors are a source of danger during childbirth. If they are still lower down in the cervix, or neck of the womb, they may press upon the bladder and the rectum.  If located in the body of the uterus and close beneath its lining membrane, they usually cause profuse and prolonged menstrual flow, sometimes to the extent of fatality.

The discomfort and the hemorrhage tend to increase until the patient must remain in bed during the entire periods. There may be feeling of weight in the pelvis, with backache; and if the tumor is at all large definite pressure symptoms may occur, such as irritation of the bladder with a frequent feeling of desire to urinate. Chronic anemia is common and is due to the abnormally heavy menstrual loss of blood.  Just by writing this article and reading of these symptoms confirm my belief in using herbal remedy.

The causes are varied.  However, it is believed that chicken, fish and other meats can actually cause fibroid to grow.  Also, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, lack of vitamin B, dairy products, canned foods, contraceptives as well as hair relaxers that contain chemical ingredients can contribute to its growth.

List of medicinal herbs in herbal fibroid remedy

Herbal and natural fibroid remedies are the answer to some of these very serious discomforts.  Therefore, the following medicinal herbs are very beneficial to treat this condition which at times is a very big threat to all women on this planet.  These herbs are slippery elm, vervain, parsley, cayenne, red raspberry, motherwort, ginseng, red clover, licorice root, burdock root, goldenseal, echinacea as well as white oak bark.  

They will help to reduce menstrual bleeding, gradually break up present fibroid, prevent the growth of tumors, treat existing tumors, cleanses the blood and rid the body of toxins, as well as heal internal wounds.   For me, I will continue to utilize herbal fibroid remedy.

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Updated October 28, 2019


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