Herbal gingivitis remedy can promote good gum health


Herbal gingivitis remedy can be the answer to gingivitis disease. Therefore gingivitis remedy should be considered as a natural alternative to challenge this terrible gum disease.

If my parents had known then what I know now, I would have had all my teeth in my mouth.  Thank the good Lord for widespread knowledge and research, today's children can retain their own teeth all of their lives while avoiding tooth decay and gingivitis.

This success can also be contributed to fluoride toothpaste, water fluoridation as well as a very improved dental care system.

However, gingivitis, which is a gum disease is a major threat to healthy teeth and gums.  Millions of people are suffering with gingivitis which can lead to a worst scenario.  While there are other forms of medications, herbal gingivitis remedy is always a good try and it is very economical.

Symptoms of gingivitis

Gingivitis which is an inflammation of the gum are accompanied by certain symptoms such as swellings, redness, pain and bleeding, especially when the teeth are brushed.  Gum diseases should not be taken lightly as it can lead to diabetes, stroke, pneumonia and also heart disease.  Although it is paramount to treat these symptoms, gum diseases must be treated and cured to prevent these ailments from getting worse.

My top two medicinal herbs in herbal gingivitis

Garlic can combat bacteria that cause gingivitis.  A research was done to substantiate this claim and the result was very positive.  It is always good to include garlic in your diet.  I personally put it in every meal I am preparing and each night I consume a clove.

Chewstick is the herb amongst herbs for gingivitis and other gum ailments.  It is a very good teeth whitener as well. The foam that is produced from it when it is chewed can circulate all over the mouth and between teeth making it possible to tackle bacteria very effectively.

Other natural remedies for gingivitis

The following are natural remedies to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and other gum diseases as well as enhance good care for teeth and gum.

1.  Brush the teeth at least two times per day and use toothpaste with fluoride which possesses the ADA seal of acceptance.

2.  Floss or use mouthwash to avoid plaque and built up of bacteria.

3.  Check your dentist at least two times per year to ensure healthy teeth and gum.

4.  Consume plenty fruits and vegetables which can aid in healthy gum.  Also, dairy products that are low in fat and whole grains can also reduce the risk of gum disease.

5.  An intake of vitamin C, D, polyphenols and raisins can contribute to healthy gums and can combat gingivitis. tooth decay and plaque.

All of the above with the inclusion of herbal gingivitis remedy can result in a happy mouth.

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