Herbal healing can be a natural home remedy and self-care

Dandelion herb taken at homeDandelion

Herbal healing is not new.  It has been traditionally practiced for thousands of years and it is very much Biblical.  Biblical in the sense that God created the herbs for men to use and evidences of this can be found in many chapters of the Bible.  It is the very first integral part of healing that everyone knew.  Its just that many of us refuse to practice it and thereby suffer unnecessary consequences due to the dependency on chemical drugs. 

It comes under various names such as holistic health, holistic medicine, natural cures, natural remedies, alternative medicine, natural healing, natural health, herbal remedies, herbal therapy as well as Naturopathic medicine along with an host of other descriptions.  However, they all lead to one aim and that is healing of the whole body in a natural way.  This also include traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine

It all started by natives

Nettle leavesNettle Leaves

I cannot help but admire the native American Indians as well as the natives of various other countries who practiced this type of healing.  Also, not to be left out is the Saxon Invaders who were responsible of bringing the knowledge of the world of herbs to Great Britain.  They brought to the forefront as well as utilized many medicinal herbs for healing.  Some of these medicinal herbs include burdock, dandelion, comfrey as well as nettle.  These were popular herbs that grew by the way side and they were good to treat those who were sick and ailing. 

Just by trial and error, these natives found out all the medicinal herbs that were good for healing and good for specific diseases.  They were unskilled and unlearn men but they were able to unravel the precious medicinal benefits from medicinal plants to prevent and cure many diseases.

Today, you might not find them so popularly grown by the wayside or you might not even own an herb garden, which you should try to create, but there are other means where you can acquire methods of herbal healing.

Purchasing of various herbal preparations and herbal supplements for natural healing can be gotten in tincture, decoction, herbal extract, capsules, herbal teas and other herbal products.

Currently, many people used medicinal herbs whether singularly or in a combination to heal, promote and enhance their health to achieve herbal healing.

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