Herbal insomnia remedy can relieve stress and increase relaxation

Herbal insomnia remedy is the answer to alleviate insomnia. What is insomnia? some may ask. It is a sleep disorder that is very common to people world wide. It involves sleepless nights tossing and turning which leaves the body exhausted and not enough stamina or strength to function well during days.

Some practitioners are at a loss as to what can cause this sleep disorder and many tried various strategies to put an end to insomnia but to no avail. However, some of the causes are overeating, indigestion, eating late at night, stress, as well as nervousness.

It is estimated that over 40 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders and furthermore, there is another 20 to 30 million who occasionally have problems to get some sleep. Women who are over the age of 40 years old are more at risk for insomnia than men.

Today people do not have to take synthetic drugs to treat insomnia. There is a good choice and it is the alternative use of medicinal herbs that are very effective and safe to use.  Therefore, just lull yourself to a peaceful sleep with medicinal herbs.

Herbal insomnia treatment is a wise option for everyone who wants to treat insomnia because the treatment can be very effective by using medicinal herbs.

Herbal remedies for insomnia

Herbal baths are very effective in treating insomnia. It helps to alleviate muscle tension and brings the feeling of tranquility and peace after a tiresome day, thereby giving you that inclination to sleep the night away. 8 drops of lavender or marjoram in warm bathwater before retiring to bed will prove very effective.

Herbal teas are also another way of treating and alleviating insomnia. They are used globally because of its health, medicinal and calmative benefits.

List of herbs which are used in herbal insomnia remedy

Catnip: This herb will treat headaches and will induce sleep, giving you a peaceful and calm rest during the night.

Chamomile: This herb is a favourite for almost everyone who suffers insomnia. It is the herb of all herbs in herbal insomnia treatment. It is an excellent herbal tea to help to alleviate insomnia by treating the symptoms.

Passionflower: This herb is used as a sedative and as a painkiller and can induce a strong sleep with soothing and calming medicinal benefits.

Valerian: This is a potent herb with medicinal properties that can induce a restful sleep and will result in absolute restoration of the body, soul and mind. Valerian is the best medicinal herb in the category of herbal insomnia remedy to treat insomnia.

Hops: This is a digestive tonic and sedative herb that may aid in relaxation.  It is a part of herbal insomnia remedy and the dried hops may be put in a small bag and placed under the pillow for a good night's sleep.

Other natural ways to get a good night's sleep

1.  Keep your bedroom quiet, cool and dark.

2.  Do not sleep with your pets in bed.

3.  Exercise at day instead of nights.

4.  Relax and unwind, especially with a good hot bath.

5.  Avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.

6.  Stick to a sleep schedule every night.

7.  Avoid heavy meals before going to bed as well as heavy drinking.

8.  Invest in a very good mattress and pillows

9.  Avoid unnecessary naps during the day.

Preparing the tea to treat insomnia

Use a teaspoonful of any one of the above herbs and steeping it in a cup of boiling water for twenty minutes, then drinking it hot can bring on the sleep very easily. This tea can be sweetened with some honey to conclude the preparation of herbal insomnia remedy.

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Updated October 10, 2018


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