Herbal ointment plays an important role in herbal therapy

Herbal ointment for joint pains

Herbal ointment combined with the benefit of heat is a healing action in itself. This ointment is used on sores, boils, skin rashes and burns. It is also used for sprains, pains, swellings and chest congestion. This is an alternative medicine as well as natural remedies that are safe from side effects.

My grandmother was never without this special commodity. She had ointment made with herbs at all times and this she would use for joint pains. Anyone who came by and was ailing from muscle or joint pains would be offered these ointments to rub the areas and of course they testified of relief.

Preparation of ointment

The ointment or ointment salve can be prepared through the following procedures:

Simmer one ounce of herb, root, or the bark in a pint of water for not less than thirty minutes, then strain. Add an equal portion of any of the following: pure olive oil, safflower, sesame seed, or coconut oil. Simmer this slowly until wax is well blended. Pour in brown or any colored wide mouth jar. Let it cool, then cover and use as needed.

Best herbs to make this ointment

Some suggested herbs among the many for such ointment are: comfrey leaves or root, chickweed, white oak bark, as well as marigold flowers. Always add cayenne pepper to these herbs and this ointment should be used for skin ailments. Chamomile is also a very good herb to add to this list. It is very good to treat skin rashes because of its ant-inflammatory and antispasmodic uses.

Also, some suggested herbs for congestion and pains are: onions, garlic, willow bark, thyme, horseradish, eucalyptus, cayenne pepper. Always use onion and garlic in combination with other herbs for this ointment.

If it is not convenient to make your own herbal ointment, then there are health stores or herbal stores that will accommodate this purchase.

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