Herbal plant is known to treat arthritis and rheumatism


Herbal Plant and its Uses

There are many different types of plants that can be found in every country. These plants are held in high esteem by millions of people because of the many medicinal values and health benefits that they possess.

These plants include medicinal herbs, medicinal trees, vines and shrubs that are used for medicine to naturally heal as well as to enhance healthy living.  This is in regard to internal and also external health.

List of herbal plants most commonly utilized by many individuals


Echinacea, which is referred to as coneflower as well, became one of the top five selling herbs in 1997. It is a very excellent remedy to increase the immune system and to fight off infections. It works well as an antiseptic and can combat cancer, syphilis, boils and other impurities of the blood.


Cayenne is also known as capsicum. It contains very hot and spicy properties which must be managed properly when it is included in any cooking due to this hot pungent properties. The name Cayenne was inherited from the term "to bite," which is a Greek terminology.

We, in the West Indies love to use it. It is an ingredient the Mandram sauce as well as an hot pepper sauce that are used in this part of the world. It is utilized as a medicinal herb for various ailments such as heart problem, ulcer, loss of appetite as well as for poor digestion.

If you suffer with an addiction to drinking then this plant may be a remedy because it contains medicinal properties that has the ability to decrease blood vessels that are dilated which will result in alleviating persistent congestion.


Angelica, Angelica archangelica, which is also referred to as garden angelica is indigenous to Syria, but angelica was introduced and produced in the countries of Europe because of its cold climate.

The primary parts that are utilized for its medicinal benefits are the leaves, the seeds as well as the root.

Its constituents are many and active and these are inclusive of agelicin (a resin), sugar, volatile oils, angelic acid as well as valeric acid. Angelica is a very good remedy for ailments such as colic, gas, colds, pleurisy, coughs, rheumatism and it also a good treatment for urinary organs conditions.


Dandelion herb is commonly found growing at the street side mainly in the rural areas. They can be found in uncultivated fields all over the islands. The Arabian general practitioners initially introduced it as a medicine.

Currently is being used to treat the liver, urinary organs as well as the kidneys. It is a powerful herbal plant cleanser and is therefore seen as a tonic and as a diuretic herb.

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