Herbal pyorrhea remedy will aid in prevention of surgery to the mouth

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Herbal pyorrhea remedy

Pyorrhea is described as an infection of the gum.  I can still recall hearing that word as a child because parents would tell their children that they had pyorrhea.

In my younger days, I could only imagine that it had something to do with the mouth.  Becoming an adult, I realized what pyorrhea was all about.  I believe this disease was prevalent in my childhood days because there was a lack of proper oral hygiene.  Today there is fluoride toothpaste and effective mouthwash to prevent such a disease.

Pyorrhea is primarily caused by poor dental and oral hygiene.  Another contributory fact is a built-up of toxins in the body which is caused by bad diet and poor elimination of waste.

In addition to some natural remedies, herbal pyorrhea remedy is a very good and wise choice to treat and prevent pyorrhea.

Symptoms of pyorrhea

The symptoms of pyorrhea are usually bleeding and swelling of the gum.  In some cases where it is extreme, the teeth can become loose and at the same time the gum will recede.

All preventative measures including the use of medicinal herbs should be used to avoid the disease and the loss of teeth.

List of herbs for pyorrhea - herbal pyorrhea remedy

The list of herbs that are used to treat pyorrhea are:

Goldenseal:  This herb possesses various medicinal properties including antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It is therefore qualified to treat pyorrhea.  It is utilized by using a toothbrush to spread goldenseal tea over the teeth.  A soft piece of material may also be soaked in the tea and used to wash the gum and teeth.  This will eventually stop the bleeding and combat infection.  Goldenseal powder may also be placed on a toothbrush and used to brush the teeth.

Myrrh:  This medicinal herb is a part of herbal pyorrhea remedy and it can be found in mouthwashes as an antiseptic. It is also found in toothpastes and gargles.  This is surely an ideal herb to use to treat and prevent pyorrhea and other gum diseases.  Some tooth powders have it as an ingredient and herbal liniment may also be prepared to use on the gum.

Bloodroot:  Although bloodroot is a controversial medicinal herb, the extract can be found as an ingredient in some dental hygiene products because of its affect on gum diseases such as pyorrhea.

Chewstick:  This herb is referred to as the teeth cleaning twig.  It is popularly used by the Rastafarians for dental and oral hygiene.  The result of using it can be very pleasing because it brings out clean white teeth.  It is an ingredient in some toothpaste and it has antimicrobial properties.  This is good to treat and prevent gum diseases such as pyorrhea.  It is also very effective in preventing tooth decay.

Soapwort: This herb can be made into a soap as well as used to treat pyorrhea and other gum disease.

Anyone of the above medicinal herbs may be prepared as herbal liniment to treat the disease,

Preparation of herbal liniment to treat pyorrhea

  1. One pint of vegetable glycerine, or apple cider vinegar
  2. One pint of water
  3. One ounce of any the powdered herb above
  4. One teaspoon cayenne pepper
  5. Combine, then let it sit for seven days
  6. Shake regularly

Herbal pyorrhea remedy is safe and as mentioned, it is a part of oral products.

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