Herbal Remedies for Gum diseases

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Ulcerative Gingivitis

Ulcerative Gingivitis

There are many diseases that can affect the gum. However, gingivitis is the most common term used in reference to gum disease. It is described as an inflammation of the gums, also referred to as gingival around the teeth. This inflammation resulted from poor oral hygiene. Therefore, it is very important to brush the teeth properly and failure to do this will cause the building up of plaque. Plaque will irritate the gum which will result in bacterial infection. Periodontitis is also a gum disease and it is more dangerous than gingivitis. Treating periodontitis is paramount because it can cause deterioration of the bones which are responsible to support the teeth.

Preventing gum disease is not as hard as some people may think. Proper oral hygiene is the best remedy with the help of a good dental floss and for rinsing the mouth, folic acids is used. Vitamin C, Calcium and Coenzyme Q10 may also be used for strong and healthy teeth and gum. However, herbal remedies are good options that can also aid in preventing gum diseases. One such herb that may be used for gum diseases is bloodroot.

The constituents of bloodroot is sanguiranine which is taken for a group of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids, and sanguiranine is an ingredient found in some toothpastes as well as other oral hygiene products. It was conclusive in a research that bloodroot works in unison with zinc lozenges which also aids in the reduction of gum diseases.

Other medicinal herbs that may be used to treat gum diseases are echinacea, caraway, cloves and myrrh. Essential oils that may be used are peppermint oil, sage oil as well as menthol chamomile.

Prepare a tea from these herbs and used it to wash the mouth making sure that it passed through all corners of the mouth and teeth. Spit out the liquid after a few minutes and repeat as often as needed.

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