Herbal smoke is smoking natural medicinal herbs which can aid in respiratory conditions

Herbal smoke

Smoking, either tobacco or marijuana is exceedingly injurious to health. Smoking tobacco or nicotine might stimulate the brain giving you a moment of bliss, but the harmful long term effects include lung and throat cancer, serious respiratory ailments, cardiac diseases and improper functioning of the brain apart from an addiction.

The ill effects of smoking marijuana or a similar psychoactive substance though is worse; to begin with it may range from hallucination, improper coordination between brain and other organs to the suppression of immune system, low blood pressure and increased heart rate, apart from respiratory ailment, cancer, cardiac diseases and a serious addiction.

A highly effective way to counteract these harmful aspects of smoking is by substituting them with an Herbal which contains natural substances that imitates the effects of a psycho stimulating smoke without causing the addictive property of nicotine and THC. The best part of all is that while the possession, sale and use of cannabis is illegal in many places throughout the world, the Herb Smoke is often a Legal adequate substitute.

Though the trend of herbal smoking is fast catching on and is considered relatively new, it shouldn’t be a matter of surprise that these herbal blends have been around for thousands of years. The herbs typically used in producing herbal smokes have been patronized by ancient system of medicines and civilizations.

The combination of herbs typically used for smoking and as a substitute for illegal substances include Hawaiian Daze, Blueberry hybrid, star of Bethlehem, lemon balm, clove and skull cap, among others. These substances are mostly a combination of resins, oils and extracts from various herbs. These herbs can be smoked using pipes, chillums, and herbal vaporizers or by just rolling them in paper. Contrary to popular belief, the effect of Herbal smoking is often similar to the illegal ones.

Benefits of herbal smoke

The biggest natural benefit of Herbal Smokes blend is that it helps the smokers and cannabis abusers, quit smoking; apart from this a lot of herbal products used for smoking also carry medicinal benefits depending on their type and nature, such as providing soothing effect and increasing the immunity of the body. Unlike the illegal cannabis which is often illegal to procure, the herbal blends or legal buds are legally available over the internet and can be easily ordered online from our website.

The biggest hindrance in using these Herbs for smoking is that smoke itself contains tar and Carbon Monoxide which may cause damage to the respiratory system. Another problem associated with herbal smoke blends is that, it can be difficult to obtain certain unique Herbal Smoke blends. It is never too late for a new beginning. Quit smoking tobacco and nicotine and start living.

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Natural home remedies to stem smoking

1.  Honey is rich in various nutrients which can aid in nicotine dependency.

2.  Combine grated radish with two teaspoons full of honey and consume. This is a superb herb to stop smoking.

3.  Eat food that are high in alkaline as well as consume grape seed extract to repair lungs that are damaged.

4.  Chew licorice stick instead of smoking cigarette.

5.  Drink orange juice twice per day to forestall smoking.  This juice, due to its acidic quality, will also aid in ridding the body of nicotine.

6.  Apart from herbs, when the urge to smoke appears, eat something salty or place a pinch of salt on your tongue for fast alleviation.

Following these herbal smoking remedies may very well save your life.

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