Herbal wound treatment can eliminate infections

Herbal Wound Treatment

The best course of action to take sometimes is not always conclusive until you have listed and considered your alternatives to heal yourself. The following text reveals how wounds can be treated naturally with the use of medicinal herbs.

It is extremely useful to get some understanding on herbs used for treating wounds for both adults and children. Every now and again it is possible to get hurt.  The wound can occur during any physical actions, manual work or simply walking or running.  

However, herbal wound treatment can be simply remedied, especially if the wound is minor. For major wounds it is advisable to see your doctor or pay a visit to your nearest hospital.  Home treatment is for minor wounds which can reduce the many visits to any medical department.

My grandmother practiced herbal wound treatment

My grandmother practiced herbal wound treatment for as long as I can remember. This was home remedy for us. Slippery elm and Aloe Vera are two top herbs that were used to treat wounds.

  • Aloe Vera comprises of mixtures that will ease inflammation, soreness of wounds and swelling. Apply this medicinal herb to the wound after a thorough cleansing of the area to avoid bacteria.  The clear gel of the aloe can achieve healing for minor wounds
  • Slippery elm is a well known herb to also can be used to heal wounds. It is more convenient to use in powder form.  It should never be placed in an open wound but instead be placed around the edge of the wound.

As children we were continuously running, whether on our way to school or just making an errand to the community shop. It was a part of our daily lives. That is one of the reasons we have so many great athletes in Jamaica.

However, accidents did happen, and we would end up with bruises, so herbal wound treatment would come into play with my grandmother who gathered special herbs to make into a poultice for the bruises and wounds.

This was always welcome comparing to the harshness and stinging sensation we felt from the chemical drugs when they were administered.

Other herbs that can be used

Other herbs that can be used to treat wounds are tea tree oilechinacea, myrrh, lavender and marigold.  Water can be added to echinacea and myrrh for easy application. Tea tree oil is to disinfects the wound.

Lavender is good to eradicate bacteria and marigold is used to restore healing in a quick manner.  Herbal wound treatment is a wise choice for treating any type of wounds.

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Updated July 9, 2020


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