Herbs for allergies are used as natural alternative to prescription drugs

Eucalyptus oil is a good remedy to treat allergies.Eucalyptus Leaves

Herbs for allergies are for those people who prefer to go the herbal way by using medicinal plants to treat allergies. Millions of people suffer from allergies every day and they want relief, but they want it from products that are safe to use and by avoiding side effects. 

As a matter of facts, an estimation of over fifty million Americans suffer from different kinds of allergies.

Some persons are adversely allergic to certain elements which may be present in the air they breathe, in the food they eat, or even in something that they may have touched.

Yet these same elements may be harmless to other people. This allergic reaction is also referred to as anaphylaxis and it can be very deadly.

The symptoms of allergies are usually sneezing, coughing, rashes as well as swellings on different areas of body. Sometimes the swellings are in the form of welts.

The swellings are a result of a surge of histamine.  Histamine is a chemical that is responsible for the swellings, watery and itching eyes, sinusitis and running nose.

Among the many things that cause allergy are various pollens from plants, hair, dandruff, emissions and hair from cats, dogs, and also horses.

Also, In food we eat, there are strawberries, oranges, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, pork, and also fowl. Cereals and butter and other dairy products are also included.

Natural home remedies for allergies

Although there are over the counter drugs, allergy shots, antihistamines and various other methods to treat allergies, there are also natural remedies that you may try at home.

Quercetin is a natural food chemical that may also used against allergy.  It can regulate histamine release and this may found in abundance in onions as well as apples. 

Quercetin can be very powerful and effective when it is combined with  bromelain.  Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory substance found in pineapple and it can enhance quercetin absorption.

Hay fever, which is also referred to as allergic rhinitis can be treated by using one drop each of hyssop and cypress essential oils to alleviate runny nose and watery eyes. 

This method was suggested by an aromatherapist.  Place both oils in the palm of the hand and then apply the concoction to the back of the tongue, using the fingertips to do so.  This can be done every three hours.

To prevent an attack of allergy, a doctor suggested using warm ghee to lubricate the nasal passages.  Using the tip of the fingers, put approximately three drops in each nostril up to three times per day.

List of medicinal herbs for allergies

The following list of herbs that are found to naturally treat allergies are:

Nettle: Also called, stinging nettle, this medicinal herb, including the root, is good for allergies and other skin ailments such as eczema.  It may be more effective when it is freeze-dried.

Eyebright:  It is used mainly for the eyes, but may be used to treat bronchial conditions that are associated with allergies.

Elderflower leaves:  These are used for various ailments such sore eyes, irritated skin as well as allergies.

Other herbs that are quite effective to use for allergies are:

Eucalyptus oil:  This herb is known by almost everyone that the primary use is for all respiratory conditions inclusive of flu, colds, sinusitis, allergies and asthma.

Red clover:  It is very useful for the treatment of most skin diseases including allergy and eczema.

Alfalfa, butterbur extract as well as  licorice root may also be added to the list.

Cerasee and quaco leaves:  If rashes appear on the skin due to allergy, then these medicinal herbs can be made into herbal bath which can aid in decreasing the rashes.

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See your doctor if the following symptoms arise

If you experience symptoms such as wheezing, hives, short of breath or intense chest congestion while having allergy attack make sure to see your doctor.

The best way to utilize herbs for allergies

To get the best relief from medicinal herbs for allergies, it is best to utilize them in consuming the teas and they can also be done in the form of juices. They can also be purchased as herbal supplement. 

However, an individual has to be careful about drinking certain herbal teas because they may contain leaves and or pollen that a person may be sensitive to. 

When unsure about drinking the teas of herbs for allergies, you may utilize the herbal supplements.

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