Medicinal herbs for burns can heal minor burns caused by flammable products 

Aloe Vera is a very good remedy for minor burns.Aloe Vera

Herbs For Burns

No matter how you got burnt, the immediate action should be to treat the burn to alleviate pain, burning sensation for quick relief, scarring and the beginning of the healing of your skin.  

You can suffer burns while cooking, ironing, using a lighter, and various other ways. No matter how it is obtained, natural herbal remedy can soothe the discomfort that can arise from these burns.

Types of Burns

There are three types of burns:

First-degree burns

Second-degree burns

Third-degree burns

Third degree burns are extremely serious and persons suffering from such burns should immediately go to the emergency department of a hospital or any reputable health service.

Herbs for burns are primarily for minor burns which can be labelled as first degree burns. 

These are everyday, simple burns that happen in and around the home and speedy attention to these burns can bring about quick and steady healing of the skin.

When changing medication for minor burns, clean the burns with mild soap and water.

Top Herbs for Burns

Aloe Vera: My favourite herb for burns is none other than Aloe Vera.  Most Islanders use this medicinal herb to heal, cool and soothe burn skins.  It will also relieve pain.

It is grown in almost every home in Jamaica and it is extensively used for all kinds of medicinal purposes.

To use on burns, cut the aloe vera plant and take out the gel. Use the gel to gently rub over the affected areas. This application can be done up to four times per day.

Do not put any type of covering or material on affected areas when using Aloe Vera. The wounds will heal much better and faster when they are left uncovered. Aloe Vera will definitely shorten the healing action.

Adding a bit of turmeric to Aloe can also heal burns. However, if turmeric is used, cover burn with a gauze. 

Please be reminded that turmeric stains. You might not be able to get rid of the stain until two weeks after application is stopped.

Lavender Oil: This oil can alleviate pain and ward off scarring. It will also hasten the healing process.  Apply lavender oil three times per day. 

Calendula: This is an antiseptic and anti inflammatory medicinal herb. This can be applied on the burnt area to speed up healing as well as to prevent infection.

Other Home Remedies

Apart from herbs for burns, there are numerous other methods you can use to ease your pain and heal your skin.

Vitamin C as well as A and E can speed up the healing process of burnt skin. Therefore, vegetables, green fruits, nuts, cereals and nuts are very good to consume during this minor burnt incident.

Toothpaste is also a very good option.  This one I have tried and it does work. Spread white toothpaste over the burnt area and let it stay during the night. This will alleviate burning and pain sensation.

Honey is also a very good option.  It is an antibiotic and salve. This method is widely known and used by persons who suffer minor burns.

Apply honey over burns and it will cool the spot, alleviate pain and render fast healing. The burnt area can be covered with some gauze. 

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