Medicinal herbs for diarrhea are important for intense thirst during diarrhea attacks

A tea made from avocado leaves can treat diarrhea.Avocado Leaves

Herbs for diarrhea

Every time I hear the word "diarrhea" I kept remembering the day when our church planned a beach trip.  On the day of the trip, it rained so heavily in the morning that we had to postpone the trip.  Today, I am totally convinced that it was the doing of God.

Due to the postponement, we decided to meet at a venue in the community for that day and what a day it was.  Further in the evening to the dawning the next day we all started to experience diarrhea or running belly. 

It was terrible, especially for the children.  After much investigation we found out that the chicken meat we had purchased and prepared for the trip was contaminated.

Symptoms and causes of diarrhea or running belly

Diarrhea, also referred to as acute catarrhal enterocolitis, is usually accompanied by on and off pain in the abdomen.  The pain can be sharp at times and continuous another time which can become very unbearable. 

I am speaking from experience.  Constipation is the opposite of diarrhea.  So loose and watery stool are the main perpetrators which are hard to control and these bowel movements force you to keep close to the toilet because of its frequency.

In some instances, for example acute cases, the symptoms may include loss of appetite, loss of weight, intense thirst and fever.

The causes of diarrhea or running belly may vary from time to time.  In regards to children, it can be unhygienic food that was given to them, tainted milk, excessive consumption of candies, unhealthy drinks and other virus contributors. 

For adults, it may arise from contaminated food that is packed with germs.  This may be through exposure to flies and other diseased insects.

Medicinal herbs for diarrhea

My personal medicinal herbs which my grandmother told me about for diarrhea are avocado leaves, naseberry leaves, shama macka, kola nut or bizzy, cerasee, Solomon's seal, arrowroot, peppermint, nutmeg and stinging nettle.

For pain, rub essence of peppermint around the navel to ease pain.  All these herbs can be made into tea and taken for this condition. 

A large dose of castor oil can also be given with the knowledge that the sufferer is not suffering from appendicitis.

Other natural methods of treating diarrhea

In Jamaica, coconut water is a must for children and adults who suffer with diarrhea or running belly. 

Due to the loss of fluids from the body during diarrhea, coconut water is the ideal fluid to replace vital electrolytes which will aid the body to recover from running belly.

Coconut water possesses electrolytes, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium as well as magnesium which are all good for a full recovery from diarrhea and dehydration. 

Some persons will use salt water as well to replace lost electrolytes from the body.

Food is very far from the mind when a person is suffering from running belly.  There is absolutely no appetite at all.  Persons, especially children, have to be forcible encouraged to consume something.

Coconut water, Lucozade, thin gruel, chicken broth, warm water with essence of peppermint, mashed potato and fruit juices are ideal for this condition. 

These can be given until persons are taking their normal food again and this can be between four to seven days.

Apart from herbs for diarrhea, some persons resort to applying hot water bottles or hot fomentation to the abdomen to alleviate pain,

Call your doctor if home remedies do not work

It is very vital that you call your doctor or visit your doctor if home remedies do not work. 

There can be other serious causes that can cause diarrhea which must be treated by a professional. 

Other causes can be amebic dysentery, typhoid fever and other serious diseases which can cause running belly. 

So if after using herbs for diarrhea for up to three days and there is no change, see your doctor.

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