Medicinal herbs for diseases are beneficial and effective in preventing various diseases

Lemongrass also called fever grass is good to treat cancer.Lemongrass

Herbs for diseases are found worldwide and from extensive research if one medicinal herb cannot be gotten, then there is another with the same qualities to treat various conditions. These are herbal cure for all ailments.

A remedy to improve and cure diseases is constantly researched by scientists. Some of these answers can be found in the medicinal herbs found right around us.

Herbs for diseases are from God and are given to us for the prevention of disease and sickness. These are natural cure for all people.

The Romans and Greeks used as many as 150 herbs for respiration or inhalation therapy. Some of their favorite herbs for diseases were colts-foot, rosemary, chamomile and thyme.

Many drugs today are originally derived from herbal sources. The fresh leaves of hyssop were once the host of penicillin, which a lot of country folks used to prevent infections in wounds and also skin sores.

Herbs for diseases include yarrow which is used as a blood cleanser, ephedra is used for bronchitis and coughs, sassafras is used as a blood cleanser and tonic.

Sassafras herb is also considered as a wonder medicine for venereal disease and was imported by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Mandrake or mandragora officinaram is a member of the tomato family and is one of those herbs for diseases.

It was analyzed in 1889 and found to contain painkilling alkaloids used to ease the pain of childbirth as well as induce abortion.

American mandrake or May apple was found to be effective in the treatment of blood and lung cancer.

List of herbs of diseases and their benefits

The following herbs for diseases are just a few among the many found to be safe and natural to use.

Most of them can be found in my garden and I have been personally using them for my health benefits. I guess this is a hand me down inherited from my grandmother.

If you do not find the herb you are looking for on this page then just use the search box above and I am sure you will be presented with the medicinal herb of your choice.

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Aloe Vera: This is one of the best healing herbs to clean the colon and to ease constipation.

Basil: This medicinal herb is good for stomach aches and to stop vomiting. I have basil plants right in my backyard.

Bayberry herb: This herb can treat fevers, colds, flu, excessive mucus and heavy menstruation.

Bilberry: Used extensively for eye conditions.

Burdock: Use the root to purify the blood. The tea is excellent for skin diseases. This herb is very powerful.

Chamomile: A tonic of this herb is good for a weak stomach and is also useful to women who experience irregular monthly period.

Cayenne: This is One of my favorites. I use very it often in my cooking. This is a very stimulating herb and is used for many conditions including new and old ulcers and colds.

Cinnamon: Do you want to serve a great tasting porridge? Place 3 cinnamon leaves in any porridge, especially cornmeal and I guarantee that you will enjoy your porridge better than before.

The result will be a great tasting flavor. This herb is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Comfrey: If you are suffering from asthma and any lungs condition then this is the herb to use. A poultice of the fresh leaves is beneficial for wounds.

Dandelion: Both the leaves and the roots are used for various ailments. This herb is a blood purifier and excellent for skin diseases. It has a great effect on female organs.

Echinacea: This herb is excellent for infections and is also a blood cleanser.

Fennel: This herb is effective for digestive disorders and aid women with menstrual disorders. The benefits of fennel are numerous and may be utilized by infants as well as adults.

Garlic: It is excellent for high blood pressure, heart disease, sickle cell disease and cancer. My cooking is never without garlic.

Ginseng: This is widely used in China for many years to treat all kinds of diseases.

Goldenseal: The benefits of golden seal is numerous. This herb is above all other herbs because of the many diseases that can be treated by it.

Natural Henna: The bark is used as a dye. It is also useful for headache and sore throat.

Lemon grass: Contains anti-cancer properties.

Marjoram: This herb is excellent for pain, bruises and arthritis.

Motherwort: Midwives use it for a variety of purposes, including uterine tonic and prevention of uterine infection in women.

Parsley: Chinese and German herbalists recommend parsley tea to help control high blood pressure.

peppermint: peppermint oil has the ability to reduce colicky abdominal pain due to irritable bowel syndrome.

Red Clover: Red clover restores and balances hormonal function and nourishes the uterus. It is know to increase fertility in women.

Sage: This is used as an astringent and expectorant and is useful for persons suffering with asthma.

thyme: A good herb to treat asthma.

Vervain: This herb has long standing use in herbalism and folk medicine, It is usually used as herbal tea. It is very excellent for all kinds of cold and fever.  It is also known as one of the wild herbs.

Yellow dock: The leaves are an excellent source of both vitamin A and protein, and are rich in iron and potassium.

These herbs for diseases have been proven effective and there are testimonies of those who have been recovered from various ailments.

There also those who continued to use them as a preventative method to avoid serious consequences.

Other herbs for diseases and their benefits

The leaves of quaco bush is excellent for most skin rashes including eczema.

Myrrh is used to improve throat and bronchial health, and to support the body's natural defense system.

Slippery-Elm is one of the best herbs for female disorders. Every woman should have this herb at home.

Oregano had many medicinal properties then and it still does in these modern times.

Arrowroot is one of the herbs that is safe for babies.

Cannabis is used for asthma, bronchitis, and all problems dealing with mucus congestion.

Ginger, when taken regularly can protect against the spread of contagious disease. It is also good to kill cancer cells.

Capsicum will normalize blood pressure and steady the nerves.  All of the above are definitely herbs for diseases.

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