Medicinal herbs for women can achieve wellness of life

Herbs for women

It is not very easy to learn about all the medicinal herbs that are on this earth. All of them have their different health benefits and natural healing that are termed excellent medicinal herbal remedies for women.

It is even more complex with the introduction of herbal products, herbal formulas, inclusive of herbal vitamins.  However, female herbal remedies or female natural remedies are traditional and is still very current.

There are many herbalists, medical professionals as well as current information right at our finger tips, so it should not be too hard to know what each medicinal herb is good for and how it should be consumed by women.

Therefore it is always wise to consult such persons so that the herbs can be beneficial to your health instead of damaging it.

With that said, there are many women who are suffering even with the use of chemical drugs and have not found relief.

So herbal female is a wise choice to help alleviate some of the conditions that plague women on a daily basis by using medicinal plants just for women.

List of medicinal herbs for women

Bayberry: Bayberry medicinal herb may be able to aid in excessive menstrual bleeding.

Black Cohosh: Black cohosh contains estrogen which can alleviate hot flashes as well as other conditions that are related to the beginning of menopause and during menopause.

It is also popularly used to aid in afterbirth pains and hemorrhaging. It should not be utilized except in the last six weeks of pregnancy.  

This should be done under the instructions of professional doctor or midwife. Avoiding these guidelines may result in hurting the unborn fetus.

Black haw medicinal herb can prevent abortions and miscarriages.

Blessed Thistle: This medicinal plant may be compared to milk thistle because of their similar health benefits.

Blessed thistle is not only used to strengthen the liver, but is very beneficial to women by improving breast milk, neutralizing hormones, decreasing breast inflammation as well as clearing blocked milk ducts.

Blue Cohosh: Blue Cohosh medicinal herb activate uterine contractions and calm muscle spasms making it very helpful during childbirth.

Just like black cohosh, blue cohosh should only be used during the last six weeks of pregnancy. Furthermore, it should be done under the instructions of medical professionals.

Dong Quai: The Chinese have have always used Dong quai medicinal herb to remedy female ailments such as infertility and ailments relating to menstruation.

This Chinese herb can also be considered as a tonic for all of the above female conditions inclusive of post menstrual syndrome (PMS) which makes it one of the best herbs for women.

False Unicorn: Traditionally False Unicorn was utilized to combat imminent miscarriage along with other herbal remedies.

Ginger: A favourite of mine, ginger medicinal herb is popularly utilized for digestive conditions as well as for morning sickness in regards to pregnancy.

Maca: Maca is definitely among herbs for women used to enhance sexual desire as well as aid in infertility. However, both men and women can be benefited from this medicinal herb.

Parsley: Some babies tend to take a little while to be weaned, so parsley may be used to dry up the milk of the breast when it is time to wean them.

Red Raspberry: Red raspberry medicinal herb may be used to strengthen and tone up the uterus and at the same time manage and correct conditions of the female organs.

This is due to the fact that it is loaded in manganese. A small amount of manganese in the body can lead to infertility and other conditions.

This can also be very helpful for teenage girls who during these times are bombarded by emotional moods.

Herbal menstruation remedy for women

Many women suffer from painful menstruation and would love to get healing from this condition.  Hope is not all last.  Making a cup of tea from the following herbs for women may help a lot. 

They are garlic, chickweed, black cohosh, pennyroyal, ginger, red raspberry, pimento leaf as well as pepper elder.  However, combining cayenne pepper with chickweed can be more effective. 

Also, combining ginger with senna pods may cause mild laxative.  This remedy can bring relief and ease the pain.

In regards to increasing the menstrual flow, medicinal herbs such as blue cohosh as well as marjoram may be utilized to normalize the flow. 

However, whichever medicinal herb is preferred, it should be taken three days prior to the beginning of period. 

Other herbs for women to increase the menstrual flow are red raspberry leaves, yarrow, sage, licorice root, shepherd's purse, chamomile, thyme, rue, pennyroyal, fennel as well as ginger.

These are traditional medicinal herbs that have been utilized for hundred of years in support of women's health and lifestyle and have been termed, herbs for women.

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Updated March 1, 2020


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