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Alternative Medicine or Traditional Medicine? "Alternative Versus Traditional Medicine: What's Best For You?"

On July 16, 1998, Larry King Live aired a lively debate which questioned his panel of notables from both sides of the issue, including Deepak Chopra, M.D., Dr. Wile, and the senior medial correspondent for ABC News, on which approach to health care is better?

The group consensus was a compromise, saying that both approaches need to merge together to form an environment where both fields are applicable depending on the situation.

While western medicine is still best for saving someone life in heart surgery or brain surgery, the philosophy of alternative medicine must transcend it, so that the doctor treats the patient's body and bind not just his/her ailments.

Get Information from this herb book: Thursday, 22 December 2011. This is an extract from the Nigerian Tribune.

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MTSU-Chinese institute cooperate in use of herbs - Herbs news

The Associated press on Monday June 3, 2013 on the topic of MTSU-Chinese institute cooperate in use of herbs reported that the partnership between the Guangxi Botanical Garden of Medicinal Plants in China and Middle Tennessee State University continues to flourish.

I am happy to see a collaboration as this which continues to support the use medicinal herbs.  we definitely need more partnerships just like this one so as to further educate people from all walks of life of the health benefits that may be derived from medicinal plants whether current of ancient.

Also, in the report, a delegation from the university in Murfreesboro ended a weekend in Nanning, China showing the uses of ancient herbal remedies and how they can treat various ailments.

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