Herbs that are in High Demand

Turmeric in a Package

Turmeric in a Package

I went into a supermarket where I do my regular shopping and as usual, I head straight to the section where they have various powdered and dried herbs on display. However, there were those herbs that are always in high demand. Garlic and rosemary are two of those herbs and so I would purchase as many as possible before they were all gone.

One of my favourites, which I never thought would have caught up in high demand, was turmeric. I was so surprised when I realized there was no turmeric on display. I asked one of the workers about the herb and she said they were out of stock. I could not believe it. I always get my turmeric to take home. They were always there in abundance. I felt very disappointed. I would have to go elsewhere to look for my turmeric.

After awhile, the feeling of disappointment went and it was replaced with joy, due to the fact that many persons are now aware of the health benefits of turmeric and what it can do to their bodies. The health benefits of turmeric are many. I am so happy about this awareness. Therefore, the result of this outcome, is that, it is now in high demand.

Turmeric for cancer!!

Garlic for asthma!!

It is really giving my choice of herb, which is garlic a run
for its money. Garlic, I believe, is the most sort after and used herb and that is just my personal view. Every home I believe has garlic in it. These herbs are now classified as herbs in high demand.

Ginger, I believe is another high demand herb. The farmers, however are doing a good job in supplying the massive with these God given gifts to mankind. Medicinal herbs are here to stay and currently, more people are realizing that these are natural herbal remedies that can really cure their ailments.

Backyard herb gardening is the answer to our high demand of medicinal herbs. My grandparents made sure to teach us that, so I will have to do more planting of my favourite herbs. I already have some, such as lemon grass, peppermint, cerasee and basil.

I wonder, do you want to join me in doing so? Yes you can and it will be so economical for you and right there at your back door. You can pick, choose and share with your neighbors, friends and loved ones.

Some persons may doubt you or even laugh at your idea of starting your own herb garden, but make a start anyway. You will surely reap the benefits. Even those that jeer will gladly partake of those home grown herbs including the medicinal herbs that are in high demand.

Submitted May 03, 2017

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