Herbs To Keep Away Insects

Insects on Pomegranate Fruit

Insects on Pomegranate Fruit

There are herbs that can keep away insects from any garden or home. This move can prevent a destruction of well needed plants that are assiduously groomed day by day in your well kept garden or your home where you want to relax without these pests.

Ants: Herbs that will keep away ants from your garden are peppermint, rosemary, sage, black pepper and tansy. Other methods include the mixing sugar with boric acid. It is also believed that a line drawn around food will prevent the ants from crossing that line.

Flies: Most people just hate the thought of flies flying near or to pitch on their food. Therefore, to keep flies away from your food just place either sweet basil, eucalyptus, pennyroyal or sprigs of peppermint in a pot beside the food. Also, in Jamaica and other parts of the West Indies, pimento and ackee leaves are used to keep flies away. Place the leaves on a table or hang them in the doorways or windows to the flies away.

Roaches: Combine rosemary, sage, khus khus, powdered bay leaf, boric acid, crushed yellow water lily root, cucumber peels and wormwood. Use this to spread around areas that are usually infested by roaches. Also, burning frankincense, thyme or sulfur candles are very much effective. All of the above will help to keep the roaches away.

Moths: To keep moths away, use wormwood, sweet basil, mint, thyme, lavender, sweet clover, rue, sweet woodruff and khus khus. Make an infusion of any of these herbs and place in closets.

Lice and fleas: These insects will torment the life within you and must be eradicated. Medicinal herbs such as sage, cabbage leaves, pennyroyal, thyme, tobacco and rosemary can aid in this eradication. Burn any the above herb and fumigate every room in the house.

Not to be left out are the pets who suffer with infestation of fleas. Herbs such as sage, pennyroyal and rosemary will be effective by rinsing their coats with teas made from these herbs.

Practicing all of the above natural remedies to keep insects away can do you a world of good.

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