Holy thistle medicinal herb is used to treat internal cancers

Holy Thistle

Holy thistle (Cnicus benedictus) medicinal herb has been used medicinally for more than two thousand years. It is from the Asteraceae family and this herb is a plant that is native to the Mediterranean region, western Asia, Europe and in the Eastern United States. 

It is also referred to by these two popular names, "milk thistle as well as blessed thistle."  However, it should not be mistaken for milk thistle.

The common names are Saint Benedict thistle, Spotted thistle, Cardin, Bitter thistle, Blessed cardus, Cnicus benedictus, Blessed thistle, Safran sauvage and Milk thistle. 

The constituents are essential oil, tannins, cnicin, mucilage, magnesium, potassium, manganese, lignans and iron. 

The medicinal properties are digestive, tonic, emetic, febrifuge, tonic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antidiarrheal, stimulant and expectorant.

This medicinal plant has a long history.  It has been recorded as far back as the early sixteenth century for treating smallpox, fever, anorexia as well as dyspepsia. 

Currently, there are herbal products in regards to this medicinal herb that may be accessed easily at any herbal store.

Health benefits of holy thistle herb

The benefits include the detoxifying of the body and it is very effective in the purification as well as the circulation of the blood.  It is a very effective detox tea and detoxing the body can remedy a lot of problems. 

It can put you in a better frame of mind, alleviate pain, cleanse the blood of bacteria, cut unwanted fat and build the immune system.

It is generally used for the treatment of liver problems, especially to rid the organ of toxins. 

The primary substance in this herb is referred to as silymarin.  This substance will aid in protecting the liver from damage. 

Although a lot of people are more concern about the liver being damage from alcohol, there are other threats. 

Threats such as toxins and bacteria can also cause the liver to malfunction.  Therefore, drinking the tea will greatly aid in treating liver conditions. 

Its uses include the treatment of diarrhea, diabetes, coughs, rheumatism, menopause, lungs, kidney, hepatitis, headaches, constipation and gallbladder. 

It can be a good remedy for anorexia treatment.  It can be found in some breast enlargement cream, but the ingredient is referred to as blessed thistle.

The tea

Consuming one cup of the tea, also called blessed thistle herbal tea,  two times per day will alleviate migraine headaches.

To make the herbal tea add two ounces of the dried herb simmered in a quart of water for two hours.


Do not make the tea too strong because it may cause vomiting.  Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women must not consume holy thistle.

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Updated March 11, 2020


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